by laura janning

Constructing a "Construction Cone Lamp"

May 16, 2013

The light bulb finally went off this week....but not what you think
For many weeks now this project has been on my 'To Do' List. I wanted to construct a lamp out of a construction cone for my son's "Transportation Theme" bedroom but was quite frankly....
unsure how to do it. 
Making a lamp sounded a tad bit out of my realm of expertise....until I made one that is.
A lamp that is super easy, quick, inexpensive and cute.

Supplies needed:
Construction cone - home improvement store. I had these in our shop.
Lamp Kit - Home Depot ($11.00)
Vintage Style Light bulb - Home Depot  ($10.00) You can also use a regular style light bulb for a lot less.

1. Take your wire from the lamp kit and run it through your cone. Make sure the exposed ends for the positive and negative sides are at the top of the cone.
2.  Thread the end of the wire through the lamp base. I also used a washer to secure the base from inside the cone .
3. Attach your positive and negative ends to the light socket using a screw driver to secure and tighten.
4. Place your socket back into the lamp base by pulling on the wire from inside the cone. This should secure it into place.
5. Attach a light bulb and plug the lamp in. 

I wish I would have known how simple making a lamp would be, so that the light bulb would have gone off sooner!
Grateful for~
A son who is enjoying his new lamp for his room.
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  1. Yep, super easy and that is a cute idea for his room.

  2. This is so cute, Laura. Perfect for a boy's room!

  3. What a clever idea, Laura. It looks terrific.

    I hope the sign isn't a commentary on the state of his room. My son's room sometimes merits a condemned sign, especially when all the Legos are strewn about.

  4. That is super, duper cute! And you make it look so easy too!

    :) Linda

  5. Do I really have to say how cute and clever that is? It's obvious. But I'm pinning it.


  6. Awesomeness at its finest!!!~~Angela

  7. this is so so awesome!!!!! I really LOVE IT!!! you are soooooo clever my friend : ) hugs...

  8. Super cool!!! My boys would totally dig this. Good on ya for figgering it out :)

  9. Laura, This is the cutest lamp! Having raised 2 boys, it was always difficult to find neat stuff like this, for their rooms. An industrial lamp bulb (I've seen these on Pinterest) would look awesome.
    TFS! Laura S

  10. It looks amazing....how awesome is that?
    Very clever, Mama.

  11. Ok, really? You are a genius, what a fun idea! Perfect for a boys room, love it!

  12. That is one clever and creative idea Laura!...Your son must love it!!!

  13. Very creative idea! I'll show it to my son (a copycat?).
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina

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