by laura janning

When the basket costs more than the table and a makeover

May 24, 2013

For the longest time I was the mom who said " food in the kitchen only"  "drinks at the counter" "use a plate for your crumbs" to my kids.....repeatedly.
In fact, to help fight the temptation of not having food outside of the kitchen, and only because I wanted less to clean, I didn't even have a coffee table for the kids to put their cheeze it's and juice bags on until I saw this table and the price.

In fact the basket that sits on top costs more than the kids snack table   coffee table it sits on. But please don't let me mislead you to think that the $10.00 bargain looked this pretty at the check out.
Cause it didn't. In fact it was so horrendous ( aka  meaning I forgot)  I didn't even get a before shot of the top, just the bottom and it looked pretty much the same on top.  I am pretty sure that you get what it looked like.

After 2 coats of Old White and sanding it down I realize that the chippy look well ........ looked a little too chippy. Besides I was probably going to see more chips than I wanted to by lifting the "no food " ban.
So I applied another color ( Dried Plantain- Behr) to the entire top. I 'lightly' distressed the outer perimeter and left the center a solid color with no distressing. The final coat was a protective finish.

And although the food ban is now lifting from the family room, mom is happy with how the table turned out and the kids are happy that they have someplace to put their snacks on while watching tv.
Oh and the fabulous basket that's great for magazines and remotes....$20.00 Hobby Lobby.

 Grateful for~
A nice long weekend to love on the family and eat snacks while watching tv.

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  1. it looks gorgeous now! i love those legs! what a steal!

  2. It turned out gorgeous, Laura! :) Love the basket too.

  3. Laura, I LUV IT. QUESTION: what protective finish to you recommend? thanks, Lesa, a loyal read who treasures this blog.

  4. Great job on the table. Glad the kids will be happy to have a place to make a mess just like Leila does in the sunroom.

    Have a super weekend!

  5. That's my kind of table! $10.00, wowwie! Great makeover!

  6. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend! Love your table.

  7. It sure looks good now. That's how I feel about our chickens when they aren't laying eggs... the chicken costs more than the eggs.


  8. Your poor snack-table-deprived kids! So happy they now have a stunning place to put their food!

    :) Linda

  9. Loving the legs! Great job, Laura. (btw, your photography just keeps getting better and better!)

  10. Great coffee table and I love the basket too, I bought the same one. Hugs, Marty

  11. Great call adding the color to the inside. It looks great!

  12. Just beautiful. Our coffee table was an antique desk my mom gave me that was awkward, so I cut down the legs, painted and shabbified it. When my mom saw it, she about had a heart attack. Evidently it was a very valuable table from 1770's. Oooops. She got over it, though, and it's been the most useful piece of furniture I ever ruined.

  13. I simply LOVE this table and basket! You have the magic touch!!! sending hugs...

  14. I love plantain chips (sorry, got sidetracked by that great paint name)!

    We have limited snackage allowed in the family room - popcorn on movie nights - I'm a mean mom!

  15. Great job! Love the basket too! Enjoy your weekend!~~Angela

  16. It turned out beautifully! What a steal!!!

  17. You did a really good job with that table, Laura! And you also made me laugh a lot because I used to be a "no food outside the kitchen" kind of mom too... but with my three year old "little TAZ" I simply gave up and put a small table in his room right in front to the TV... (at least I know the disaster zone remains just there and the rest of the house stays reasonably clean LOL)

  18. Great job! It's beautiful. :-) I'm a no food outside the kitchen mom, too. I think we're a rare breed these days.
    Kim @ Curtain Queen

  19. Love it! I still own an inexpensive coffee table I purchased and redid for just the very same reason. It's been over 15 years ago and I still have the memories of them using this table. You did an excellent job on the refinish. Enjoy!

  20. Nice job Laura! I guess it doesn't matter too much that that basket cost more than the table. $30.00 for the whole package is not too bad!

  21. I love how it turned out, Laura! I really like the distressing on the legs.

  22. It looks gorgeous, You did a really good job with that table.Brown TV Bed


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