by laura janning

Grow it and just....Wait

June 11, 2013

Before we moved to the country, I would have classified myself as a pretty impatient gardener. Well, make that really impatient. On the weekends, I would run to the Garden center for my flats of flowers, shrubs and trees, come home put them in the ground and expect overnight maturity and beauty.
But something had to change when I moved to the country. Now with a surplus of land, plopping a flower, tree or bush wherever I wanted wasn't part of the plan nor was the expense to buy the number of plants that I would want to fill such vast space. I needed to change how I approached gardening. I needed to change........ me.
I remember my girlfriend calling me one day and asking if I wanted some daylily plants from the side of the mountain where her mom lives in North Carolina. I said sure, give me what you got. So she did and brought over 14 full size Daylily plants.  
I divided each of those 14 plants into as many plants as I could. I dug deep into the hard Georgia clay and planted them all in a single row along this wall. Although they looked slightly weak and almost pathetic ( imagine Charlie Brown Christmas Tree) I envisioned that one day with care and patience watching them grow, my single stem daylily plants would grow into something spectacular and amazing.
 So year after year my single stem daylilies all planted in a row, began to grow...spread and naturalize. My patience was paying off.
And if that's not enough, during the past 8 years I divided those daylilies from the wall and planted them along a walkway to our Guest Cottage. In a single row from a single stem.

So each year when the daylilies are in full bloom and I am walking on that pathway that I call the 'pathway to patience', I am reminded of that very impatient gardener and how she learned a valuable lesson 8 years ago, how it paid off and how she never bought another daylily at the Garden center again.
Have you learned your lesson in the garden yet?
PS- My thoughts and what's worked for me on the best times to dig up and divide-  Spring and Early Fall. Either before your plants have blooms on them or after they have bloomed. 

Grateful for~
The friend who gave me those 14 plants

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  1. Ours just started to bloom. I love them! Yours look so pretty, Laura. :)

  2. Laura, your daylilies are just beautiful! My Mom use to say, in regards to perennials, "The first year you plant them, the second year you enjoy them, the third year you share them." To keep most our perennials healthy and full, we must divide them after 3 years, so I think this is a good reminder :)
    Have a blessed day! Laura Jo

  3. I love daylilies -- mine are blooming along my fence in the back yard. Great post, Laura!
    xo Heidi

  4. They are just beautiful Laura! I am trying to figure out what to plant in our backyard and have thought about Lillies.

  5. Oh, I'm an impatient gardener too, Laura. I can just imagine how beautiful your lush daylilies look in person.

  6. Same advice I used for my tomato plant last year. I waited. And waited. Then I got a couple tomatoes and was like "plant... is that ALL?".

  7. Your patience has really paid off and your daylilies look amazing! The curved pathway is so colorful too!

  8. Your lilies are gorgeous! I think my best lesson is to truly pay attention to the shade, partial shade, or full sun suggestion on the plant. And to remember which plants the slugs love.

    xo, Tanya

  9. I'm just like you! Very inpatient! You might want to read up on fast growing/multiplying plants, like your daylilies. Then your investment will be totally worth it. My friends and family trade plants a lot by dividing them...have a plant party!


  10. Wow, your patience really did pay off. They look beautiful!

  11. oh your lilies are gorgeous!!! everything you touch seems to turn into gold!!!! : ) sending hugs and love...

  12. Daylilies are considered the perfect perennial since they are low maintenance and free of pests and diseases. Your patience did pay off and these are beautiful enmasse.

  13. Sharing perennials really is a living reminder of the friends and family who passed along their flowers to you. I always love seeing how far you can spread a single flower over the years. Your daylilies look amazing along the walkway ... lovely shade of yellow/peach. I split some of my daylilies for the first time this year and am looking forward to the recovery/blooming stage ;) Wendy

  14. My favorite plants are the ones passed on by friends. I love watching them spread every year.

  15. Your daylilies are truly spectacular! And your close-up photo is outstanding. The lesson I've learned in my North Texas garden is to allow a volunteer native weed (plant) grow. These require VERY little water to not only survive, but to multiply and bloom.


  16. Your lilies are lovely. I especially like the colours in the first one. Mine have yet to bloom this year.

    I'm visiting via Fishtale Cottage.


  17. Oops. Typo. Make that "Fishtail".

  18. They are just gorgeous Laura...and now the question of the day...how do you keep the deer away from those beauties...?..

  19. Great advice here-thanks for your gardening words of wisdom!

    If you have a minute to spare I'd be thrilled if you could share this post at my weekly Say G'day linky party. It's on now and this would make a beautiful addition!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  20. Beautiful!!! Truly! Daylilies will always be one of my favorites.
    This year we have divided the little we had brought with us from our old house and were amazed at what we were able to do. I wonder if we'll live here long enough to see the benefit. Regardless...you're right patience is a virtue when it comes to gardening.
    Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday Party!
    Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

  21. beautiful! Our waitress's name at the restaurant we went yesterday, was Patience...a great reminder

  22. I too am impatient although I don't have the area you have. I heard Martha Stewart say the first year she planted all annuals for instant gratification. Since then she said only about 10% of her budget when to annuals, and the rest to perennials. Our office plant lady said I need a 5 year plan, and learn not to choose all precious flowers, you need some to do the work. I asked which would that be. She said choose some daylillies

  23. Oh my, there is hope for me. Your daylilies are incredible and such a great picture for us all in the waiting stage of life. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Laura, your day lilies are gorgeous! Mine have not spread as quickly and easily as yours have. Do you feed them? I need some help. They just completed their bloom cycle, just a few blooms hanging on. Now the plants look thin. Any suggestions would be welcome.

  25. Laura, Your patience is blooming! What a beautiful walkway! I bet they make you smile! Thanks for letting me walk along with you!

  26. So beautiful it is to see your day lilies blooming.It must be a joy to see them each day.


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