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How to find me Google Readers

June 30, 2013

Hi there! Just wanted to remind you that come tomorrow (July 1st) if you follow me on Google reader you will need to find another way to follow Top This Top That.
You can find read this to find other ways to follow along or
I would recommend
or subscribe by email
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  1. I have switched over to reading all of my blogs via e-mail. I may have to do something different with my blog though...my follow by e-mail thing is hard to see.

  2. Laura,

    I've been on the net for hours trying to figure out how to add the subscribe widget in each post! I am so bad at this tech stuff! Any advise you could give me, I would so appreciate it!

  3. I was so ready to not enjoy Bloglovin... today I found a link where they just said click and I was "Bah, humbug" ;) but then the look is wonderful and I'm reaaly lovin ;) it.
    The look is nice and their easy step was indeed easy. Something to be said about this helpful switches.
    So... following you and all.
    Have a Wonderful Week, Dear Laura!


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