by laura janning

Knock Knock...Who's There?

June 19, 2013

Ahhhh  yes......
I like to think that my front doors give you that "You had me at ..... the knock" kinda feel.

You  know the one that makes them want to stay on the front porch just staring at the doors all goo-goo eyed, instead of coming inside and seeing the toys all over, dishes in the sink, laundry piled up and finger prints all over the windows. Yeah....that feeling.
You see us southern gals love to monogram everything. Our shirts, weekend totes, pillows, blankets,wreaths, mason jars and yes our front doors. That's just who we are and what we do. Ask any Southern gent, he'll tell ya.
So my little ole advice to you if you want your guests to have that "You had me at the knock" kinda feel too, try hanging wooden monogram letters instead of the typical wreath. It gets em every time!
And if it doesn't.....have them come inside to help you clean the mess!
So what's hanging on your front door?

Grateful for~

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  1. I'm with you! I have one of those monograms in the house but want one for the door. Yours are beautiful! Your plants look great too.

  2. I just got a 3 initial monogram for our front door! Such a nice change from the usual stuff... :). Now get to cleaning up before peeps come a'knockin!
    xo Heidi

  3. I love this! Wish I could figure out how to make one on my own!! Will you come help me? Please?!! LOL~~ Angela

  4. What pretty doors. Yes monograms are perfect for that WELCOME TO MY HOME LOOK! I am not a southern girl, but have a wreath with a monogram on it hanging on my door!
    Your doors are stunning! They hide all the "real life" behind them so well!

  5. Well, it's not just the beautiful doors. The flowers and curved stone steps are gorgeous! Such a welcoming entrance, Laura!

  6. I am going to do something like this when we are done building the house. Your front doors are beautiful and I am in love with those topiaries!


  7. I like the idea of having them come inside and clean up the mess. I'd hang anything on my door if they would do that. Love your monograms. xo Laura

  8. My front door is an embarrassment, we've been in the process of updating our exterior and come to a standstill. I have two topiary trees that look no where near as healthy as yours and I am still waiting for my new front door. When it's all complete I will have to post images on my blog.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Ugh, my front door is not terribly exciting right now. The monograms are fun!

  10. Love your door monograms Laura...I am glad that I am not the only one who needs two of everything for the doors...Your topiaries look wonderful!

  11. I'd say they'd match nicer if they were painted black. Even with the white trim, the letters look 'off'.

  12. Love the monogramming in your door. Did you make them?

  13. “So what's hanging on your front door?” - Sad to admit but nothing. I'm not really into decorating my front door and satisfied on how it looks. I think it has the same size as yours but the only difference is I go for a glass door. Anyway, after seeing your front door I'm thinking otherwise. I'm quite amaze on how a simple design can change the character of a door. Did you do it by yourself?

    >Arthur Bryant< @ ContractorExpress.com


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