by laura janning

Restyling my Outdoor Living Space

June 28, 2013

With the implementation of my 'Operation Summer Sanity' project aka pool for the kids, one thing was for certain... this mama needed to be comfortable while I was outside watching those fish in the water.
 And unfortunately..... this current setup wasn't going to suffice.
It didn't take much to realize my vision.
See, I am a simple gal with simple needs ( contrary to what my husband might say) and I would like to think my requests are rather easy and purposeful....like this repurposed fire bowl turned flower container. You can read more about that here.
 A table to place my beverages on. Have you ever put an orange slice in your water... it's so refreshing.
Ample seating for friends and the kids when they are done swimming all day, okay I exaggerated more like 7 hours. 
Maybe a couch in case one of them or even mama wants to lay down and take a nap!
 Perhaps a table for a basket large enough to hold some magazines, sunscreen and snacks.
That's it.
See, I told you I was easy. Now if I could just convince my husband  of that.
Here's how I pulled my restyled outdoor space together. The couch was a repurpose project from here. The chairs were moved from the other side of the backyard where they were here and the pretty flowers were from my yard here

About the only thing that I had to spend time doing, was cutting the oranges for the water and that's because I made you a glass too!

So when's the last time you restyled your outdoor space and...... put orange slices in your water?
Grateful for~
a backyard for the kids to make memories in

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  1. I love your newly styled space, Laura. I could easily cozy up for a nap on your couch. I'll be right over for my glass of orange water!

  2. Looks beautiful, Laura.
    We worked on our patio yesterday and had supper out there yesterday evening...even in the heat. We were just happy to finish the project.:-)

  3. I love to restyle! Your fabric choices on the furniture are so pretty. I'm a lover of green. You have such a nice spot to sit and relax.

  4. Your outside area is so lovely and I will be right over. Hope you won't mind if take a nap on that couch!! LOL. Great job, Laura.


  5. What a pretty styled outdoor space! I know you are enjoying it so much! Beauty sure does make these hot summer days so much easier to bare! =)

  6. Looks lovely, Laura! Your outdoor sofa is especially gorgeous. I love adding an orange slice to my glass of Tea, too! It's wonderful and so refreshing. Thanks for sharing your beautiful outdoor space.

  7. Our outdoor space is on the chopping block. But I get sad when I look out there and see the mess are realize July is just about here. Will we get it done this summer and be able to use it?

    I had 6 fish to supervise daily.... those were the days.


  8. Your seating area looks fabulous. I love it. You did a wonderful job of pulling things from around the yard and making a great conversation area. Hugs, Marty

  9. Your outdoor space is gorgeous Laura! I love the furniture, and plant stands, a perfect place to relax :)

    xo, Tanya

  10. Wow, Laura....you are one lucky duck. I love your outdoor living space. It's so colorful and pretty!

  11. Looking great, Laura! The perfect mommy lounging spot. :-)
    xo Heidi

  12. Hello Laura!!...go to the front door, I am knocking...let me in!!...oh, I will just go around back and sit in that beautiful cozy area....getting splashed by the kids and sipping the refreshing orange flavored water!!...Wanting to redesign the back porch....just cannot decide which direction to go ...
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Very pretty. I love moving things around and making something look all new again. That's the best decorating. I'm off to put an orange slice in the water...

  14. Looks like the perfect spot to relax! You're whole yard is so beautiful!

  15. Awesome place to spend the day! I've never tried orange in water.....a definite must this summer! Have a great weekend and enjoy the pool!~~Angela

  16. Nice place for an ice tea. Very pulled together. Susan @ Through My Porch Window

  17. What a pretty outdoor space... so relaxing and calm and a lovely lovely yard!! Found you through the 1 room 3 ways linky!!

  18. Laura, It looks just beautiful. We have had so much rain this Spring/Summer that I have not been able to keep our back patio area dry and cleaned off. We have trees dropping stuff all over the place that we have not had other years. Crazy. Now...can I just come and hang out at YOUR BEAUTIFUL outdoor space instead? I'll bring the coffee-or the wine- your choice! xo Diana

  19. I love this area - and I'll take that orange slice - but in a glass of vodka - not water!!

    I just rearranged my patio furniture too - and I love me a little nap time out there!

  20. So welcoming and relaxing, Laura! I've spruced up my patio more this year than in the past. We spend so much time outside. And I've never had orange slices in my water. And we do have oranges. Will have to give that a try. :) Happy summer!

  21. I Love what you did!! What a beautiful space you made just by moving things from one place to another. I am constantly doing the same.
    I am off to my patio to enjoy your idea of the oranges in water.

  22. Having an outdoor living space is something I have always wanted. It is so nice to get out of my house and get some fresh air and a beautiful living space seems like the way to do it!

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