by laura janning

The other "friends" around Duke Manor and Day 2 of the Summer Showcase Tour

July 23, 2013

If you stopped by yesterday you got to meet my donkey Daisy Mae on my home tour.... she's the most popular donkey around these parts because of her sweetness and the way she can belt out a tune. The judges on the Voice would so want her on their teams!
 But please forgive my lack of manners and not introducing you to the other 4 legged friends around Duke Manor.
I introduced you to our new kitties, White Paws and Rainbow that we adopted from animal rescue a few weeks ago. They are doing very well and adjusting to their new diggs quite nicely. 
This is Kayla my Cairn Terrier. She has been part of our family for about 14 years now and I got her when she was just a few days old. Unfortunately, her sister Kara was attacked by a pack of coyotes a few years ago on the property. Kayla has been lost without her.
Which is why we have this one....Bear. He protects Kayla and the whole family. Bear was a stray that came to us 3 years ago. He is such a gentle and loving dog ....except to Coyotes.
And then there's Skippy, my loyal companion  Anywhere on the property I go....Skippy goes. Skippy just showed up a couple of years ago and never left.
In addition to Daisy Mae, I have two horses that stay on the property. This is one is lucky. 
And this is my other donkey Oreo. Tell me that's not a face that just makes you laugh!
I tell ya, a real Greenacres around here except no pig, but I am sure one day we may have an Arnold!
 Something else that will make you smile is the line up for today's home tour.

  And in case you missed yesterdays amazing homes:

I will be back tomorrow with my Summer Mantle.

Grateful for~
God's furry little creatures and the joy that they bring their owners!

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  1. I need a bear to protect Bailey. I do worry about coyotes. We have seen them on our property. Kara looks a lot like my mom's Cairn. Such a big family you have.

  2. I love that you've "collected" your critters... those usually make the best pets! Bear is my hero. :)
    xo Heidi

  3. Thanks for sharing your furry family members. They are all so cute (and photogenic!)

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful animals with us. They are all so cute!


  5. I LOVE them ALL!!!! ALL!!!! please send hugs to each and every furbaby from all of us here! I don't believe how much the kittens have grown! Is Hope still with you? Sending hugs...

  6. This was such fun! Love the pic of Oreo…but they are all so sweet!

  7. So nice that you've let your visitors stay. They are soo cute. Susan @ Through My Porch Window


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