by laura janning

Updating a clearance priced vase...or vessel

July 30, 2013

A few months ago I started to see the term "Vessel" pop up when seeing pictures of vases. Unable to get a picture of a large boat out of my head, I looked up the definition of a "Vessel" as it relates to vases....and not boats.
Otherwise the meaning of vessel and vase is somewhat interchageable, vessel can mean bowl or tube so the term vessel is often used to describe a vase that is more pot-like in shape, or has a pot-like segment with a fluted top while "vase" in its specific sense is used to describe the very narrow tube-like structure people use to hold single flowers.
I found this super duper cheap VASE on clearance that you saw here on my summer mantle. Although not attracted to the newspaper motif, only cause it was written in latin pygmy, I bought it because of it's shape and size. 
I picked up 2 packages of  3/8 inch jute rope at the Home Depot. I began wrapping the vase with the rope and securing with my hot glue gun. 
I wrapped the rope super tight and close so that the latin pygmy would not be visible. Continue wrapping until you are at the opening. Cut off any stray pieces with a pair of scissors.
I decided to embellish my vessel   vase with a star fish to fit my coastal mantle theme.  I just hot glued that to the center of one of the sides.
Right now it has some dried tall grass in it for the summer but I will probably change it out and remove the starfish and make it more seasonal..... which means I am sure you will see my vase again.

So is it a Vase or Vessel?  
Grateful for~ 
my twins and celebrating their 5th birthday!

PS- Because you asked...I got the bicycle on the mantle at Hobby Lobby last year in the Seasonal Spring area.
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  1. Super cool Laura! That vase is a great find and you made it spectacular. Love the starfish,

  2. Upcycling at it's FINEST my friend!!!! A BIG HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to the twins!!!! Sending hugs and balloons! : )

  3. What, you can't ready Latin pygmy. Darn, I would have translated for you. :)

  4. Your "vessel" went through quite a change!!! Covering it with rope was brilliant and adding the the starfish is icing on the cake!!!! It fits right in with all your other beachy/summer mantle decor. I need to look around for vases to do the same. A couple of them in my bookcase would work perfectly!

  5. Great idea and your vase/vessel looks terrific!

  6. Excellent idea! I just bought some jute myself and have been "juting" everything!!LOL!! I shall scour my home for vessels, now! Thanks for the inspiration!!~~Ang

  7. So funny that you give instructions this week to this vase...I spied it on your mantle in a recent picture and HAD to copy it...I did it last week and glued a sand dollar found at Hilton Head, SC on it to go with my beachy mantle this summer! THanks for great inspiration!

  8. Laura,
    What an amazing transformation!! Love it!
    The Adored Home

  9. Love that "vessel" or I say vase. Very creative and festive!!!! Thanks for always inspiring me!!!

  10. Hey Laura! I love the vase or whatever you want to call it. I'd probably look at you funny if you called it a vessel, truthfully. ;) Anyway, just saw that you are going to Haven! Me too! Can't wait to meet you in person! :)

  11. Vase, vessel, whatever you call it it looks beautiful! Love the idea of the rope AND the shell. Come on over and see how I have decorated all around my house with my shells! XO, Pinky

  12. Love the "vasel"...its Latin Pygmy for a container in which to put stuff in...great idea to cover the vase with the jute...very pretty and creative!

  13. Love the vase..I had to laugh at your boat comment..I think of a vessel as something the natives carry water around in..or something that blood flows thru???


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