by laura janning

Creating a "Pool Aide" Chair

August 27, 2013

Remember the show Baywatch? 
All those gorgeous sexy lifeguards running to the aide of swimmers in the pacific coast and later to Hawaii. From the watchful eye of their fearless leader Mitch, the crew seemed to handle it all .....  from earthquakes to serial killers, flawlessly running with their 6 pack abs and beautiful long hair flowing. 
  Did you know that it was one of the most watched television shows in the world? I didn't.  What would have turned so many to watch this show week after week? Could it have been the model like lifeguards in their red hot swimsuits or the onscreen survival skills they possessed when dealing with nuclear bombs and shark attacks? 
And although I would hardly classify myself as a sexy lifeguard in my skirted mommy suit, I do look pretty cool in my Foster Grants sitting poolside watching the kids in my very own "Pool Aide" chair.
And as cool as me and my chair are....it didn't start out this way.  I picked this chair up the same time I got this here , and it sat for a couple of years until the perfect poolside opportunity presented it self.
Cool was around the corner after I sprayed it with some spray paint in a color called Eden, and added a some white paint in the middle. I finished it with a clear spray protective since it was going to be sitting beachside  poolside as I watch the kids swim around, sipping some water and occasionally glancing at a magazine.
To take the "Pool Aide" theme one step further I found some some plain metal buckets that store all the kids pool toys and painted them the same way.
Now I am just waiting for my shift to end so I can enjoy a little pool time myself and I am hoping that instead of Mitch sitting in my chair maybe it will be my hunky husband instead!
Seriously.....I hear the raft calling my name right now!

Grateful for~
Watching my kids love the water and learning how to swim

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  1. It looks great in that green. I used to watch Baywatch when I was a kid. I always thought being a lifeguard looked so glamorous...it certainly does from your fun chair. :)

  2. Very cute, love the bright green color choice. It always amazes me what a little paint can do for a project.

  3. Perfect! It looks comfy. I hate those low pool/beach chairs... although it is entertaining watching me try and get up from one of those... one of the perks of getting old. You better hurry up and get in that pool girl, fall is in the air.

  4. LOVE this. I would just need the pool to go with it... ;)

  5. Pamela, your chair and tubs look awesome.

  6. So pretty! Green is my favorite color and I hear your pool calling my name too!

  7. The chair looks great, that green color in combination with the blue color of the swimming pool is fabulous. I also love swimming and I was going to be lucky if I had a pool around.

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  9. Nice post. That chair looks really nice. Might be something we add to our indoor swimming center. Thanks for the post.


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