by laura janning

How I am getting healthier....and you should too!

August 14, 2013

I must confess....and please don't hold it against me. I mean we are friends and all.
I am a terrible eater. Always have been. Ask anyone who knows me.
Not that I gorge on bon-bons and chips all day..... what I mean is that I don't eat properly. Until a few months ago that is. 
Here's my was problem~
I went the entire day without eating and only consuming
one meal a night.       
I loaded up on my morning hot tea and called it a day for anything else that was nutritious until late afternoon or dinner time.
Trying to lose a few pounds meant starving my body or so I thought.
I loaded up on carbs at all the wrong times of the day.
My protein intake wasn't where it should have been.
And I wasn't taking full advantage of my fruits and vegetables.
l know..... shame on me. Bad girl, scold me, put me in time out for dummies that are doing more harm then good to their bodies eating this way.
Well part of my making amends to myself and to you, is to tell you what I am doing to be healthier and hopefully inspire any of you that don't eat well either.....I know you are out there.

Eat Breakfast- The most important meal of the day period. Even if you are not a sit down have a big breakfast kind of person you must provide your body with something. I fall into this range of not being a big breakfast eater so I fill my blender with a packet of oatmeal ( for my carb), protein powder ( I use Pure whey powder by Champion) and lots of fruits. This satisfies me until a mid morning snack and it fuels my body.
Eat my carbs before noon. Your body needs plenty of time to work off those carbs so get them in at or before lunch time.
Eat more protein. Did you know that everyday your body needs to make about 250 grams of new proteins to replace that old protein, to repair tissue damage and to adapt to new activities? Unfortunately as we get older we become less efficient at making new proteins. I now mix in a few protein shakes as my snack throughout the day. Each serving is about 21grams of protein. A good guideline for protein is 25-30 grams for your meals and 15-30 for snacks depending on your activity level.
Keep on Moving.A few months back I bought one of these. It's called an Up bracelet by Jawbone. Not the prettiest of bracelets but not being healthy isn't pretty either.
This thing will track my steps, sleep and food intake. It's pretty interesting to actually see how much sleep you may or may not be getting each night. The bracelet measures my light sleep and deep sleep patterns.  And since sleep also plays a role in staying healthy I want to make sure that I am getting enough rest. 
Did you know the average person trying to stay healthy should walk at least 10,000 steps a day. I tend to be super hyper and always moving so I fall above that range most days, but on the days that I am feeling a bit lazy, I rely on my Up to keep me going and stay on goal.  With my regular exercise routine in the morning I can meet half of my daily goal.

Speaking of which  I have to go.......I have only stepped 8,999 steps today.
What are you doing to stay healthy?

Grateful for~
Great health and motivation to stay healthy

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  1. I am so proud of you girlfriend!!! I started getting healthy at the beginning of the year, I lost 20 lbs. I felt amazing... then summer hit... ;/ and we moved and its all been down hill. You have inspired me to get back on track. Keep us posted on your progress {did you ever check out that loseit.com program we talked about?}

  2. Nice job girly! You'll feel so much better doing those things.

    I've been trying to walk 10,000 steps for years. Lately it hasn't been happening. What you realize when you wear a device that counts yours steps is that it doesn't happen without purpose. You can't get there just working at home. Sometimes I'm shocked when it's 3,500-4,000 steps.

  3. I'm right there with your Laura! Although I could never not eat all day. I really need to up my level of activity and eat more veggies. Thanks for the great reminder!

  4. You go girl. Yes, it gets harder the older you get. I have got to up my movement!

  5. Great post, Laura! I add flax seed to my oatmeal every morning. I hate oatmeal, but it is so nutritious, I just do it! laura@imnotatrophywife.com

  6. I try to eat healthy...my hubby is the health nut around this house...he has a daily workout routine, then protein shake for breakfast,and a healthy diet during the day...me?...in the morning?...I head straight to the coffee maker...but I have to admit..I rarely sit during the day...only when I am at this darn computer!...I am fascinated by the bracelet...will have to check into that (and I know my hubby will probably research it to death!)...BTW, you always look great!

  7. I'm the same way, except I drink coffee early, starve all day, and it has not helped me lose weight so I know you are on to something. I started wearing my pedometer this week and started to eat healthier, must be in the air. I like my ped. but I struggle to hit 9000, even walking on the treadmill for an hour. I wonder if I should try to blog standing up walking in place haha. I like the idea of a bracelet ped., going to the bathroom (after drinking those 8 glasses of water..) is a pain with the pedometer falling off my waistband everytime.
    I've been eating greek yogurt with blueberries mixed in for my protein in the mornings. Funny, I don't like regular yogurt but this greek stuff is good. Great post Laura!

  8. Hooray for you. It isn't easy making healthy choices, but it will make you feel so much better. I know when I fall off the healthy eating wagon my body really rebels. xo Laura

  9. Congrats and good for you! Those 10,000 steps are not easy for most of us, especially the older we get. We started a healthy eating routine about 3 months ago due to some serious illness and feel strongly that eating lots of fruits/veggies (raw food vs. cooked food) is very important in maintaining a strong immune system. We no longer eat packaged/processed and urge everyone to take a hard look at the ingredients listed on a package----it's amazing!

  10. Good for you, eating a healthy diet is very important! It helps keep focus and is important for your body to have a bit of everything.


  11. I love your ideas Laura, and the bracelet is a great idea! I have recently reduced my portions by 30-50% (at least the no-so-healthy parts not the veggies and fruit) and make sure I get my 5 a day if not more. Getting back on a regular exercise routine is next!

    xo, Tanya

  12. Laura,
    I have to say you are not alone lol I am guilty as well. I wish I had taken care of myself earlier in life but now I MUST take care of myself. Love the bracelet idea too!
    Have a healthy day!
    The Adored Home

  13. Congrats! I try to eat healthy, but I usually fail miserably -- especially now that I'm back at work. I'm working on it, though!
    xo Heidi

  14. How are you finding the UP? I've been eyeing it, but I haven't been able to pull the trigger as I have a FitBit One already. I'd heard the Up and the Flex think you're walking if you spend all day typing on the computer (which, as a coder, i do) so the results aren't that accurate. Also I read that it can be scratchy, especially at night, which would make me sad... True? Not true?

    I'm so forgetful at putting the One on every morning, so a bracelet would work so much better for me...

  15. I'm so happy that you figured out where you were going wrong, Laura! Thankfully you never got sick or run down. You sound like you're on the right track...lots of fruit and veggies, I keep them cut up and ready to go. I try to eat very naturally so I watch for preservatives and additives...you can pretty much stay on track all day long just by eating whole foods. Protein is super important to maintain energy so toss some beans in your salads and pasta and eat a lot of fish and lean chicken.

    Now I'm off to find one of those bracelets!! :)


  16. Good for you, my friend! So happy that you are staying healthy. I can attest that you already look absolutely fabulous on the outside!!!

    :) Linda

  17. I'm glad you're on the right track to eating healthier, but instead of relying on so many protein shakes during the day, how about some "real" lean protein such as chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, lean beef, Greek yogurt, beans, or natural peanut butter or almond butter? Don't forget lots of veggies, too. I'm going to look into getting one of those "Up" bracelets - sounds awesome.

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