by laura janning

Painting a two tone chest

August 21, 2013

Some of my best decisions ( with furniture anyways) are the one's where there is little to no thought. No rhyme or reason. 
The one's that just sorta happen.....on a whim.
The one's where you are cleaning the house getting ready for out of town guests to show up in a few hours, and all of a sudden you decide to shut the vacuum off and pull out some grey paint and a paint brush. Seriously...am I the only one who does that?
The one's that think maybe it's needs a bit more something......
A bit more then what the piece started like when you first bought it years ago.
And a bit more then when you painted it a few months ago.
This something. Something that adds beauty and interest and is a great compliment to the room. 
Something that just looks pretty, as I turn the vacuum back on and continue to clean the house. 

Oh how I wish every decision looked this good. Have you made any "cleaning detours"  lately?

PS- For more of my thought out and not so thought out furniture projects click here.

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My Sisters who I love dearly and even though we are miles apart I always feel so close to.

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  1. Love it, I think you made the right decision. They grey makes the piece pop. Lovely idea.

  2. It is gorgeous! I really need to get some painting skills!

  3. OMG!!! I thought I was the only one that did those "detours". It's AMAZING!! I wouldn't have thought to do that....but it looks great. Thanks for sharing! ~Tammy

  4. It is absolutely stunning! I think your vacuum is your muse ;-)

  5. OMG!!! This came out so gorgeous. I love the paint colors.


  6. That was definitely worth the stop! Beautiful job.


  7. Absolutely beautiful! Love the colors and I would keep doing what you're doing..it's working great!!

  8. that's beautiful! my house needs "vacuuming"!!!!!

  9. You kill me with how talented your are! You have such an amazing eye for color and design! So envious! Great job girlfriend!

  10. Haha I always get detoured from cleaning to craft or paint! I totally understand, and truly believe your detour was so worth it! The dresser looks fabulous!
    Debbie :)

  11. Gorgeous! And yes, two weekends ago I started to clean the glass on my front door and ended up painting it - inside and out. I understand completely.

  12. Gosh I detour all the time. Looks great!

  13. I have definitely had a focus issue lately...and your diversion is stunning!!!

  14. Lovely! You did a great job, it was ok taking a break from cleaning!
    Besos, Silvina

  15. What a beautiful cleaning detour, I love the gray!

  16. It's so, so pretty Laura! That's an awesome detour and it looks like it was always meant to be that way. :-)

  17. Laura,
    What a transformation, dear one!!!
    I love the new paint on your chest!!!
    I am most certainly going to vacuum tomorrow!!!

  18. That's an amazing transformation. TY a bunch for the inspiration coz I am doing one of an old Finnish chest I have for neary 25 yrs. I guess time for a lil pimping.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

    Greetings from D´Box in Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  19. My days are loaded with detours. I love the quick change you gave this piece. It added a lot.

  20. Beautiful. The new color pulls out the details of your beautiful chest. Smart move ... and painting is more fun than vacuuming anyway. :)

  21. Haha, I haven't done this but I could totally see myself doing it... with my husband in the background rolling his eyes! Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)! http://diy-vintage-chic.blogspot.com

  22. Wow, that was a perfect moment. It looks beautiful!

  23. I make detours all the time LOL!!
    That chest looks BEAUTIFUL!!

  24. I like those painting.It is fabulous!Glad you had such a good time.

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  26. I found you through Better After....and I am so glad!
    What an amazing paint job....I love it.

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