by laura janning

Creepy Idea for the Black Burlap Wreath

September 26, 2013

I suppose if you pulled up to 0001 Cemetery Lane you might have a bit of nervous anxiety. Behind the tall dried grass, the black hearst parked in the driveway and Pugsley playing outside with Uncle Fester, you are greeted with a home filled with a family who are totally unaware of how frightening and bizarre they appear to others.

I mean what's so wrong with a life long friend who just so happens to be a hand named "Thing", a mustached Baby named Pubert and an Uncle who can illuminate a light bulb by putting it in his mouth?
About the only non-bizarre sight that you witness, would probably be the Black burlap wreath that is hanging on the doors.
Morticia would probably tell you she spent some time in her craft room with her daughter Wednesday, and they followed this tutorial on how to make the wreath.....while bonding.

She was going to make the spider wreath here but Gomez just happened to surprise her that day with some white and black roses. They adore each other deeply.

 Besides Lurch is known to enjoy a good black spider or two for lunch.....especially ones with purple sparkly legs.
For my other creepy ideas for the black burlap wreath click here and here.


PS- Don't tell Morticia but did you know that black roses really aren't black, they are dyed to look that way..
PPS. Were you a fan of the Adams family?

Grateful for~
Fall break next week and time with my children

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  1. I love the Addams family...and I love this wreath. :)

  2. You know sometimes creepy is just fun! Love it for Halloween! I don't think I ever watched The Adams Family although I do know who they are- xo Diana

  3. Oh..love the black burlap...now I have a song in my head....snap snap....

  4. Oh I love the wreath perfect for the Adams family...and your family too :)....Elvira would be proud!

  5. How have I not stopped by and commented on this awesome wreath? I'm in love ... maybe even as deeply as Gomez and Morticia ... :)


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