by laura janning

The Easiest Orange Burlap Pumpkin

September 16, 2013

I am a tad bit embarrassed to admit this, but sometimes I even amaze myself.......but only when it comes to burlap pumpkins. Doesn't happen often but when it does, look out all you Orange Pumpkin heads out there!

Well not really. I'm not all that amazing.... to my kids anyways. See, I created what I thought was a pretty awesome orange burlap pumpkin , complete with stem and leaves and when I asked them about it, they thought it was a tree. Oh well. That will put a orange burlap pumpkin maker in her place real quick!

Maybe if they saw how the wreath was made , they might just change their minds.

Perhaps if they saw me spray paint the burlap garland before I weaved it in and out of the metal 18 inch frame using my original burlap wreath tutorial here.........

Next, if they saw me search for the perfect piece of wood in the yard for a stem, and how I secured to the wreath frame with floral wire.......

So it  kinda looked like this

And finally, I took 6 paper leaves (from Dollar Store) and sprayed painted them green. When they were dry, I layered them around the stem and secured them with hot glue. 

Sure does look like an orange burlap pumpkin to me. But if I can't convince my kids to change their minds, I sure hope I can convince you that it's a pumpkin or that I am amazing.......whichever comes first.

 I have come up with another colored wreath with a few "creepy" looks for your Halloween door. Click here to see them.

Oh, I love fall .....and my orange burlap pumpkin, even if my kids don't think so.

PS- Remember the words "before" when spray painting your burlap garland.
PPS- To see more of my burlap  journey click here and here and here.

Grateful for ~
inspiring husband who totally came up with the pumpkin idea

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  1. I think it looks great! (What do kids know?)

  2. Genius! Perfect for your front door. Have a great week, Laura ~ xo Heidi

  3. You sprayed painted the burlap? Great idea. I love it and it does look like a pumpkin to me, too!
    Hugs, Laura S :)

  4. How fun is this. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  5. Okay, I'm in love!!!! This will be shared by me (and many others) far and wide my friend!!!

    :) Linda

  6. You amaze ME, too- to heck with what the kids think!;>) Love this project-easy and cute! xo Diana

  7. I love it!!! Kids just don't appreciate true talent do they? :) Such a great idea ~


  8. Love the pumpkin! Can't wait to make mine!

  9. Okay. This is too stinkin' cute! love your post!-aimee

  10. In a single word? L.O.V.E. Pinning ;-)

  11. I love it! Your kids will think you're brilliant later!

  12. Yes, you *are* amazing and yes, it's a pumpkin ... a fabulous, orange burlap pumpkin, which I want!

  13. Love it! Cutest fall wreath I've seen so far this year(and I've seen a lot!)

  14. This is adorable! I thought it was a pumpkin straight away! I'm quite impressed with the "stem"! That must have taken some effort to find the perfect one!! Love it!!~~Angela

  15. Well maybe if you glued two triangle felt eyes on either side of the "pumpkin's" head and a toothless gappy felt grin along the bottom, the kiddos would change their minds, lol.

  16. She's gorgeous - great idea to paint the burlap! Your kids will be begging to bring kids over for playdates to show that pumpkin off!

  17. Laura this is gorgeous, I love it!!! PINNED!


  18. Fabulous pumpkin wreath! I love the wooden stem! I'm pinning it!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  19. I love it Laura!! Thanks so much for linking it up to our Pumpkin Party last week! :-)

  20. Debbie Z — It's a pumpkin, not a jack-o-lantern! But you make a jack-o-lantern, too. Either way would look great!


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