by laura janning

4 Simple Tips to Care for your Orchids

October 23, 2013

The Orchid. A beautiful and exquisite flower. Some plants look to perfect to be real. And contrary to what most people think, this perfect looking plant is not very difficult to maintain. In fact some orchids are quite easy to grow and require little maintenance........ The only problem may be figuring out which of the approximately 25,000 species would be best for you. Yes, 25,000.

When I got my first Orchid plant years ago, a friend gave me the best advice on how to care for my plant..... 4 simple tips that I am sharing with you today.

Tip 1- Orchids need good bright, indirect lighting.

Tip 2- Don't over water your orchid. Water once a week in the winter and twice a week in the summer. In fact, if Orchids could talk they would tell you that they prefer the humidity over watering.

Tip 3- Once your orchid stops flowering, cut the flower stalk down. While your orchid is resting, continue to water and provide it plenty of light.

Tip 4- Be patient......... it will flower again. 
Just, wait and you'll see.

Have you ever grown Orchids? Success or failure?

Grateful for~
A green thumb
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  1. I have several and love it.
    I read another tip the other week and I'm putting it to test with one that didn't flowers again (4 years now :() - subject a stuboorn orchid to big differences of temperature, so I'm keeping that one - safe from the frost and winds - in the garden so Autumn and Winter freezes her and I can rescue her next Spring. ;) It won't hurt. Hopefully.
    They're gorgeous and I love how long the last - the flowers because the plant seems eternal. I read that in wild and primitive times Orchids grew over the tree barks so that's all they need - what she gets naturally, I guess. In fact the vase is better filled with bark and alike than dirt that can get soggy with the "let's give her a pint" ;)
    Yours look lovely!

  2. My mother is a whiz at growing orchids. I don't seem to have the knack. xo Laura

  3. Great tips...I always have an orchid in the house.....they make me happy!

  4. I have two orchids that refuse to bloom...they are thriving in every other way. I water, fertilize, and make sure they get plenty of light...but no blooms...not for two years! So, in my book...they are not easy. Any other suggestions? ;)

  5. Great tips! I love orchids and have a couple. One is doing well, the other...well I think I need to buy a new one. I don't have the greenest thumb though!

  6. I'm going to try some. I don't know whether to buy in the store or online. Any suggestions?

  7. Oooo, I've always been scared to death of orchids. I just know it will be a painful death for them. Maybe I'll try one.......just for Halloween. :)

  8. I love orchids and have grown them, just not recently. Our last home had a sunroom with an entire east-facing wall of windows -- my orchids were very happy campers in that room. I've been trying to figure out a good location in our current home, because I am missing my orchids. Your plants are just beautiful.


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