by laura janning

Customized Pillows for a fraction of the cost

November 20, 2013

If I counted up the amount of money that I spent from not being resourceful and doing it myself.....I would probably have enough money to feed the world.... and then some.

You see, for years, I wasn't the DIY or resourceful type. Quite the opposite actually. If I saw it in the catalog or store and liked......I bought. Without even a thought of doing it myself and the money that I could save. 

But something changed, and I grew resourceful. I thought differently....and had children. Instead of pulling out the credit card to purchase what I like from my favorite stores, I was trying to figure out how I can make it and save money.

 Kinda like these monogram pillows that I just finished for my Master Bedroom. I bought the fabric online, I followed my pillow tutorial here and had the monogram stitched locally.

I would have easily spent $40.00 each for my linen fabric pillows.....but instead I spent about $14.00 for each pillow. That's quite a savings and money....... that will come in hand for the things that I can't make.

How resourceful are you?

Grateful for~

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  1. Those are nice did you monogram them?

  2. Laura, what a fabulous idea. Your pillows are gorgeous! My best friend does embroidery so she is forever tacking my projects. Great deal too!

  3. I always thought I was resourceful but blogging has taken that to a whole new level. And I really need new pillows.

  4. I was the same way ... it all changed when I turned in a paycheck for kisses and hugs and dirty diapers! Funny thing, though, I always could do it myself. I just didn't have the time when I worked full time!

    :) Linda

  5. Laura, I love these, I just can't so for anything!


  6. Those pillows are beautiful! I love the monogram added too. I think monograms look good on bedding. I'm impressed that you made those yourself! I'd like to learn how to sew on a machine one day so I could be crafty too! LOL!

  7. Way to go! These are beautiful!~~Angela

  8. I have cut WAY back on spending, Laura. I find there is not so much I NEED anymore and the things I WANT I try to make-a lot like you do. Your pillows are just fabulous- I love monogrammed ANYTHING!!!! I used to monogram my husband's cuffs on his shirts. xo Diana

  9. I have my moments. I can be resourceful. I just made a café curtain and pelmet boxes and am going to tackle my first pillow this weekend (hopefully). For me, it's about time. I love to do crafts and diy but my husband travels a lot and I work and I have a 5 yr old and a 1 yr old. That equation equals almost zero time to get things done. It really feels like an accomplishment when I am able to do something myself though. I really value it more than something I may have purchased because I know the blood sweat and tears that went into it:) Your pillows rock, by the way.

  10. Without even a thought of doing it myself and the money that I could save. customized shopping


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