by laura janning

I prefer the simple things in life ....Fall Tablescape Tour

November 14, 2013

I prefer going to a concert in the park......... before going to a symphony
My husband likes me best in jeans and a tee-shirt....rather then getting all dressed up.
I prefer using a vintage crock for a flower vase....instead of a fancy glass one.

I prefer using Chinette .... instead of real china
I would purchase goods from a local mom and pop shop ....before a big chain store.
I prefer wearing my flip flops....... over high heels. 

I prefer picking flowers from my yard....instead of buying them at the florist.
I prefer using bandannas on my table.... instead of using napkins

I prefer garden fresh produce.....over store bought.
A night out with my husband, is sitting on the back porch having dinner....instead of being in a crowded restaurant.
I prefer burlap runners on the table.....instead of a table cloth.

I will take fresh squeezed orange juice......over a carton any morning
I prefer wearing my hair in a pony tail....instead of an up-do.
I like drinking champagne out of a solo cup........ instead of a glass flute.

I prefer to snuggle on the couch with my family watching a movie ....instead of being in a crowded movie theater.
I prefer flea market finds ....over fancy showrooms.
I live in a town with 500 people........instead of a city with many.

And even with it's flower arrangement with sticks from the backyard, mismatched white plates, orange spray painted charges and individual flower bottles used as placecards placed on each plate.....this is what I prefer this year on my Thanksgiving table.

So tell me, flip flops or high heels....which do you prefer?

I hope you will visit all of the bloggers on this tour for some amazing tablescape ideas.

Grateful for~
the simple things in life

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  1. Me too Laura! I'm only sorry I had to trade my flip flops for boots with our wintry blast this morning :) Love your crock. orange bandanas and burlap for a Thanksgiving table!

  2. We have preferences in common Laura, including small town living. Your table is beautiful.

    I am definitely doing an arrangement in my butter churn. Wonderful idea!

  3. Definitely flip flops, but it is a bit cold right now. Still love that crock.

  4. I'm a tennis shoe girl myself. Flips-flops are not the greatest for the farm! I love your simple tablescape.

  5. do flip flops come in high tops : ) LOL!!!! I love your tablescape...I really do...it is beautiful...practical...fun and oh so FAMILY FRIENDLY...what more can one ask right!!!! : ) hugs...

  6. You're my type of woman- it's kinda hard to do crafty things in high heels. A baseball cap works well with my ponytail and having a glass of wine with the Mr on our patio is the right way to top off any day. Your table is beautiful and I'm looking for orange spray paint. I'm having a hard time finding it :-(

  7. I'm right there with you Laura. But I do love to go to the movies. :)

    Your table is just perfect!

  8. I am currently lamenting the end of flip flop season. I used to be a high heels kind of girl (and I still have a closet full), but I reach for those high heels every day because they're comfortable and they fit my lifestyle. Now, what to wear in the winter! I think you've just given me an excuse to go shoe shopping! Thanks, friend.

  9. So fun Laura! Love the bandanas and that centerpiece. I'm with you on the flip flops although I had to trade them in for fuzzy slippers now that it is freezing here :)

  10. Too ironic! I just did a post about the simple things too! Mine has a different spin on it though. I really enjoyed reading yours. I have to agree with you on a lot of those too. Your table setting is so charming! I love the orange chargers you made. Love the bandanas used for napkins too. The country arrangement of flowers is perfect for that setting.

  11. Oooooh!!! I love that you spray painted the chargers. Brilliant! I pick them up at yard sales and that's totally what I'm going to do some time. I love the simple, too, and your simple is just beautiful. Great job, Laura!

  12. I'm with 'ya on it all, but maybe the solo cup and to me a ponytail is an up-do! I'd kill myself if I walked in high heals.

  13. Great minds think alike--keep it simple!

  14. I totally agree with you Laura on all of those! I'm a country girl at heart and I prefer to be casual. Beautiful tablescape and I love that crock! Where did you find that? Glad to have been on the tour with you :)

  15. Yes to the jeans and flip flops! Simple and casual all the way! ;)

  16. Laura...Love your honesty! I couldn't agree with you more about all of them, except the champagne! Gotta have a glass...{it tastes better to me}...heehee-aimee

  17. I'm with you - flip flops!! Your table is beautiful and welcoming. Oh, and I'd take champagne is ANY type of container :)

  18. Awwww, Laura- I love you even more now than I did before. You are a sweet girl with a love of home and family and all the things that are really important in life- xo Diana

  19. I'm a flip flop kind of gal!!
    Love your pretty tablescape Laura!

  20. I'm right there with ya when it comes to simple, Laura. The worst thing about winter is having to give up my flip flops! Your table is so pretty and is totally you!

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