by laura janning

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

November 21, 2013

The day is fast approaching. 
Just a few days away.
I can hardly wait. 
I have been waiting 365 days for this day to come and it is almost here.
November 23rd.
It's my national 'hang the lights outside' day. My families self proclaimed holiday. A day that I am anticipating with delight.....not to be confused with Da- light. 
My husband......not so much.

In preparation of the big day around here, I thought I would share a few outdoor lighting ideas and tips that we did last year.... since we take lighting pretty seriously around here. And even though my electric bill is just 'slightly' higher in December, to see the excitement on my kids faces when we count down and turn the lights on for the first time, is so worth it. 
It's Joy....complete and utter Joy.

This year we have plans to do the driveway lighting again...... I just have to remember to tell the UPS man that he has to walk the packages down since his truck wont fit under the arches.  This is such an easy lighting project and you can find the details here.

I love the lighted icicles hanging from the house They are a pain to unravel but once there up, I just glow from excitement....or it may be from the lights. To make hanging the outdoor lights on the house easier each year, we installed little hooks in the trim that we keep up all the time. It makes the hanging process go so much quicker, and hubby is happy to as he goes up and down the ladder hanging each section of lights.

My backyard is as bright as the front yard with lights.  I like to use net lighting in my shrubs. If you need several strands of lights, make sure you follow the recommendations on the package of how many you can safely plug into each other. You don't want to create a fire hazard.

 If you have left over lights, lay them on the ground along a walk way, landscape border or driveway for extra impact. These were extra strands of icicles that we did not use. I just laid them along the bricks. This year I want to hang them along the roof line and gables....  Can someone please tell my husband. I am afraid of his reaction when I tell him the plan.

A timer can save on time and money if you are putting up outdoor lighting. You can pick one up at any home improvement store. Just program the time that you want you lights to turn on each day and what time you want them to shut off. Makes it a whole lot easier then trying to remember to shut them off before you go to bed each night, and will save lots of money in electric costs should you forget and leave the lights on till the next morning.

So whether you are climbing the ladder to hang your lights or just supervising the ladder climber like me, I sure hope you are safe and that your month is that much brighter!

Do you climb the ladder to put your lights up or leave that to someone else?

Grateful for~
Lights, ladder and a husband who never complains

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  1. We are definitely "climbers" and I'm nervous the entire time but oh how we love the lights. Extra lights ... well that's never happened, but I do love the idea of just mounding them on the ground, and this year we removed some of the key large (overgrown) shrubs in front that were perfect for lights .... neighbor who also loves lights just keeps shaking his head say "I don't know what you're gonna do without those shrubs" ... well, maybe I just got my inspiration. Thanks :)

  2. Your lights look beautiful, Laura. :) I don't know if we will get to lights this year...if we do it will be a small amount to appease Wynn. :)

  3. love your home and the gorgeous lighting!!

  4. Pretty ideas Laura! Love the lit up pathway!

  5. Very pretty! I bet your kids DO love the lighted arches over the driveway! We don't hang lights on our house except on greenery. We use spot lights at night. There are so many fun way to decorate with lights this time of year.

  6. We used to do a lot of lights on our "family" home--this one is smaller and we just outline the roof and stoop railing. Yours looks great!

  7. Last year we got dumped on with snow before I got my outside stuff done. Real frost on the pumpkin. And I got excited for that great idea you have of lights following the landscape on the ground, till I remembered it snows here. I'll have to go to plan B.

  8. We haven't done lights in a few years just because the house has been such a mess. We'll see about this year. I love the netting on the shrubs. So pretty!

  9. Wow - those arches are amazing! And I love the tip of using extra lights to line a walk way or plant bed. Can't wait to see the gables it up!

    :) Linda

  10. Love the arches and love the idea of the extra lights...that one may just how up at my house! Can't wait to see what you do this year!


  11. These are gorgeous and I love Christmas lights! You are way too pretty for ladder climbing...far more suited for that supervisory postition!

  12. So pretty! I love icicle lights too, but hubby wasn't willing to go up and down the ladder several times just to hung those, so I had to get creative. I inserted our icicles inside a J Channel and we just hang the channel up so the lights go up in under 40 minutes,,,,easy peesy! And they're straight, which drives me crazy when winds catch ours and take off with them.

    You guys do a great job, wish we were neighbors!

  13. I always love the idea of climbing the ladder just to put those lights because it is very exciting. But mom won’t allow me to do so because she says it is really dangerous. So she just let professionals do the lightings. By the way, your lightings are really beautiful and so much ready for the Holiday.

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