by laura janning

Christmas Kitchen

December 21, 2013

If you came to my house, this is the area that you would flock to. Always happens. 
Friends, family, neighbors, strangers, the pets...... they always do.
And that's not such a bad thing....especially at Christmas time.

The kitchen.....the absolute heart of our home. 
In fact, not only can we see the family tree as we sit down at the table to eat, but we can also see it when we are cooking, baking, washing the dishes, doing homework, reading the paper.... and watching tv.

And if you come for breakfast, I may even cook some of these for you. But you gotta come early in the morning and .....help squeeze the oj.

See, since we swapped our family room for the breakfast room, the holiday season has never been quite the same in this area.
It's so much better.  

 My beloved farmhouse table that you can read about here , sitting fireside with the family stockings hanging overhead. 
And now I have lot's more knooks to place my holiday decor and giant pine cones alongside my collection of pottery and family photos.

The butlers pantry with it's month long stash of holiday treats and cocoa, set up for the children is always ready 

and stocked with beverages overhead for our adult guests.

In fact there's even a bonus. When you are my husband watching the TV in the family room, and calling out to me as I do the dishes in the kitchen, this is the view that he see's. 
Totally kidding.... I am probably loading the dishwasher.

But that's okay, cause I totally love the man, my kitchen and this wreath that I made 20 years ago.

Maybe even a bit more at Christmas time.

PS- to see more of my holiday home you can click here.

Grateful for~
The giggles and chuckles that Sparky our elf has provided to the kids this season. 
Thanks for putting up with all the fun that I have had posting on facebook and instagram.

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  1. You have a beautiful home and it is great that you can witness everything that is going on with the family. We had a huge kitchen that opened up to the dining area and the family room. We've downsized and it is certainly an adjustment. Our kitchen is more a galley size. But that's okay, we are learning to live with it. Have a very Merry Christmas. Marisa

  2. Laura, I love it all and still love that wonderful farm table. Wow, that wreath is 20 years old? You must have used cement. :)

  3. The heart of your home is fabulous, Laura. I always enjoy visiting. Beautiful!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. Your kitchen is very cozy. I like all of your Christmas touches you've added. My favorite part is the fireplace beside the table though! Love that!

  5. I would sit in that breakfast room and watch your kids play, color with them, watch you cook and help myself to coffee or hot chocolate all. day. long. I'd pet the dog too. It's all beautiful!

  6. I would love to be there! :) Everything looks so festive!


  7. The kitchen has always been my favorite room in the house, and your is beautiful. Merry Christmas, sweet friend. xo Laura

  8. I so love your kitchen and you have made the most wonderful touches to make it look so amazingly festive…the tree is magnificent!!….May you have a most joyous Christmas!

  9. Love your tree, wreath and the look into your warm and welcoming home! Have a great holiday---Rosie @ The Magic Hutch


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