by laura janning

Christmas Mantel and Letter to Santa

December 23, 2013

Dear Santa,

We are ready..... you can come down the chimney now. We have waited for this night all year. And don't worry, although we are beyond excited, we will do our best to be asleep at 11:59 pm and be up at 6:00 am. Plenty of time for you to do your thing......and have a snack.

The tree is up and our stockings are hung. We made some cookies with mom.....but we ate your share yesterday. Yum.
They were really good. 

Sorry about that Santa. We really have been good this year....... Honest. 
We will leave some fresh carrots and extra cheeze- its for you, they will be in the kitchen here.  

And Santa, since this house is blessed with lots of love already, please leave a little extra something under the trees for the children who need it more then we do....... That's what we really want for Christmas.

Tell ya what Santa, to make things a bit easier for you to see, we'll even leave the lights on the tree for you. 

Glowing and twinkling..... just like Rudolph's nose.

Merry Christmas Santa!

With love and grateful hearts forever,

PS- Santa, if you and your elf's have some extra time and want to see more of our holiday home........ and take a potty break, you can go here.

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  1. Good evening!
    Soldiers of the Royal Marines which I get on Christmas song of Mariah Carey and sing happily and dance it.
    Marine navigates it.
    Overjoyed at the prospect of returning to the UK for Christmas, HMS Ocean's crew decided to make a festive video to the tune of Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You.

  2. Wonderful post. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  3. Beautiful post, beautiful Christmas decor! Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

  4. Love your mantel! Everything looks so cozy. Merry Christmas!

  5. Love your post....and those decorations are perfection. So glad that Santa is still getting a snack now that the cookies are gone. :)

    Merry Merry Christmas to you rock star!

  6. Love how your lights are twinkling.

  7. love your decor...how did you get the twinkling lights to twinkle? Your blog is great! Merry Christmas!

  8. Great letter and great mantel…and tree too!…Merry Christmas to you and your family…enjoy making beautiful memories!!

  9. Too cute sweetie! Those twinkling lights were pretty tricky. I like it!! Merry, merry Christmas to you :))) Hugs friend, Shannon


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