by laura janning

My Pantry and Some Organizational Tips

December 17, 2013

I interrupt the slew of holiday decor ,cookie recipes and ornament tutorials today, to bring you something that is just as important......once the season is over.  But don't worry, Holiday frenzy will return to normal tomorrow.
See, I am thinking ahead for you as January seems to be when we all create those lists that include organizing something in our homes, especially that one area that we have put off for way too long.
For me it was the ...... Kitchen Pantry.

Before I share some simple tips on how to create an organized pantry, this post nor the contents of my pantry is about- stocking only healthy foods containing no sugar or carbs, how to eliminate cheez-its from your kids diet or how many kinds of chips you can have at one time in your household. So please do not judge when you see my shelves. We are all very healthy.

Before I attempted to organize the pantry, I had to get rid of the original color I had painted it, 11 years ago. That in itself was no easy job, as I had to work around the built in shelves that we made when we built our home and shuffle all of the food around. Not fun and not timely. I actually started this project in September and finished in November.

Needless to say, having a freshly painted space, I was a bit more inclined to get the food chaos under control. With the help of some glass containers from Hobby Lobby, a few storage containers from Walmart and some labels from Martha Stewart and Avery, I was able to put together an organized pantry that not only helped the family find what they needed, but also would save us some money at the grocery store.

See, those glass containers ( with air tight lids) actually let me see when we are running out of gold fish and marshmallows, which is critical in the food pyramid in my house, instead of buying multiple replacement bags before we really need them.

Same thing with the flour, sugar and chips that I put in the plastic containers that I purchased at Walmart for less than $10.00 each. I also used some removable adhesive chalkboard labels from Martha Stewart with Avery, so I can tell what's in which container. I love putting the chips in the containers versus leaving them in the bags, not only do they stay fresher but I know exactly when chips need to be put on the grocery list.

 For the miscellaneous items and my paper products that I use to throw on an upper shelf, I used small wicker baskets that I had in my craft room waiting to be purposed and painted them white. I also placed the frequently requested snacks in smaller baskets and labeled them 'snacks' with more of the Martha Stewart with Avery labels. This makes it real easy for the kids to reach the baskets and select their favorite snack to eat without any assistance. 

Well, it's been almost 2 months since the pantry got revamped and still no food chaos.
I think this works for me....... and the marshmallows.

So tell me, when's the last time your pantry got some attention?

grateful for~
being able to stock our pantry with food for my family

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I was provided  compensation and the labels from Avery that I used in my pantry, but the food chaos and multiple bags of opened chips was my own responsibility.


  1. Yours looks amazing. Mine needs to be redone for sure. I would love for you to link up to my ongoing party - Inspire Me Tuesday - -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2013/12/195th-inspire-me-tuesday.html. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  2. It looks great, I keep saying it's time to get mine organized again. Since I am the only one in the pantry I can't figure out how things it out of place, but it does happen.

  3. Looks great! I love the baskets and the labels - where did you get them? I've got a labeler that prints out but I've never tried the chalkboard labels - they are neat looking. BTW, since The Mr retired he has been busy reorganizing my kitchen to the point where I can't find it or I can't reach it. He is 6'3" and I'm 5'5" :-( Marisa

  4. thanks for the tips but can you just come over and do mine for me?

  5. OK Laura after seeing this post I know the first thing I'm going to work on in the New Year!
    Your pantry looks fabulous!! It's even filled with a lot of the things you'd find in ours:)

  6. Your pantry looks wonderful! That is a lot of junk food. lol I need to work on mine too.

  7. Looks fantastic! Mine was organized the end of June when I moved but I need more containers and labels. You have inspired me for 2014!


  8. Miz Laura- Anytime you want to come over and work on my pantry I will sit and chat you up to keep you company and feed you home baked goods! YOUR pantry looks GREAT- Love it- xo Diana

  9. I love organization. We have a butlers pantry that is serving as a catch all right now until the rest of the major work gets done. I have big plans for that small area though. Looking forward to the day (10 yrs from now) that I can finally start on that room.

  10. Can you believe I have no pantry in my kitchen? And oh, how I long for one... figure a man must have designed my kitchen some 30 years ago. Next house...
    xo Heidi

  11. Thank you! Three years ago, I reconnected with my high school sweetheart. Earlier this year, we bought a house together. In some previous lifetime, he, apparently, didn't have enough to eat so his kitchen was so full of food, we filled tubs and stored them until the move. Lucky food banks!

    We're just finishing a complete kitchen remodel and we'll use a number of Laura's ideas: clear glass containers, baskets, labels...right now, we're just figuring out where to put food, dishes, pans, and every gadget known to mankind. It's so confusing, I have to post a list of contents on the front of each door and drawer! We have seven drawers with utensils and gadgets.

    ...and, Marisa, I feel your pain. I am also 5'5" and Dave is 6'2" -- I have two stools nearby.

  12. Oh gosh, this is great! Makes me realize I need to revamp and reorganize desperately!!! ~~Ang


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