by laura janning

Resolutions for the New Year

December 20, 2013

If you are anything like me, you have at one point or another sat down prior to the New Year and jotted down some resolutions…… a few  goals and some key things you wanted to do in the upcoming year. 
And perhaps your resolutions sort of looked like mine.  Resolutions like......... Lose ten pounds by the end of the week (even though it was already Wednesday) Fall in love or be abundantly happy staying single, save more money and enjoy life to the absolute fullest.  Am I right, do your resolutions look similar?

Here’s one for you. Did you know that approx. 45% of Americans usually make a New Year’s Resolution and out of that number only 10% are successful in achieving their resolutions? Yes, only 10% lose that 10lbs, stay single and happy, save more money, and enjoy life to the fullest.  Sadly, I was never the 10%. Most times, I could not make it past the first month without some sort of failure. So for a few years,  I stopped resolving, ended the yearly ritual and just adapted a one day at a time mantra. Then I got older and got married and had kids. Thankfully, the 'fall in love' resolution was a success.
 Now, my life embraces a whole different set of goals and resolutions. Since I am not getting any younger, I am constantly thinking about how the activities and choices that I make daily will have a significant impact on the way I age.   And it’s not just something for me to think about, but my children and husband as well.  That is why the Get Old initiative is so meaningful.  Get Old is an initiative developed by Pfizer to challenge people of all ages to rethink what it means to Get Old and take a more active role in their health and quality of life at every age.
Now I look forward to sitting down and creating a list of resolutions that I am determined to reach in the New Year. In fact, studies have shown that people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals.  So here are my Resolutions for 2014. Stay fit and healthy through exercise and proper eating. Spend more quality time with my husband. Continue to evaluate my quality of life and make any necessary improvements along the way. Create more family memories.  Give back more to others and to my communitySo tell me, what are you doing to Get Old well? 

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I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Pfizer and Get Old. I received compensation for this post. All opinions stated are my own. Get Old is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc.


  1. i need to think about some resolutions as well! i have a couple in mind.

  2. Along with the typical healthy and exercise etc. a secret of staying young thinking is to learn new activities. For instance this year I learned how to do Sudoku, I am now addicted although I can't get the very hard ones. I am going to practice on my Italian with the Rosetta Stone series. I'd like to learn how to speak French but that will have to wait for a few years. I worry not only about physically aging but mentally as well. I've noticed that people who keep their wits about them were always using their minds. As the saying goes: Use it or lose it. I do like your resolutions. Marisa

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  4. I haven't made resolutions in a long time ... but have been seriously toying with some for this coming year ....

    Happy Holidays,my friend!

    :) Linda

  5. Awesome there, Great work, keep it up. I love returning back to this site and reading the quality content you always have on offer.



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