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Simple Holiday Breakfast Idea

December 13, 2013

Welcome to the Better Late Than Never Christmas Edition!

I am joining up with some blogging buddies today ( see schedule below) to bring you some last minute craft, decor and holiday food ideas in preparation for the big day. Which by the way is 12 days away! Who's ready? 

So, I absolutely love Christmas  time and everything about Christmas morning except having to be in the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  As you know from here, I am not much of a cook so I like uncomplicated, easy, and can do with my eyes closed kind of recipes. This one fits the requirements perfectly.

My Christmas beignets. I like to think of them as a 'hybrid beignet'. A beignet that you would find in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, combines with a donut hole that you would find at the closest Dunkin Donuts down the road, with a sprinkle of  peppermint candy.

Grab a can of biscuits, some oil and powdered sugar. A can of 10 biscuits will yield 20 small beignets.

Step 1
Heat your oil. For a small pan I used 2 1/2 cups of cooking oil. The temperature setting should be between medium and high heat. I imagine you could also use a fryer for this. I don't have one....I don't cook.
Step 2
Open your biscuits. Tear apart 1 biscuit into 2 pieces. Flatten each piece in your hand into a circle shape. Drop pieces into your oil.
Step 3
Leave in oil mixture for just a minute or two on each side. You want them to be a golden brown color. If they brown too quickly  your oil temperature is too high and they will not be cooked inside. If they don't brown within 2 minutes, your oil temperature is too low.
Step 4
Remove from pan and place on a paper towel to absorb the oil.

Step 5
Move them to another plate or platter ( or remove the paper towel) and sprinkle a generous amount of powdered sugar on the top , works best if you use a sifter.

Step 6
Put them on the table and watch them disappear

I also love to serve them with some hot chocolate.....a family favorite recipe from my mother in-law.

So, I hope whether you're having a few of these Christmas beignets (okay, maybe more then a few) , or eating something else Christmas morning, that you enjoy and savory each magical moment.
Do you cook a big breakfast Christmas morning or keep it simple like me?

Speaking of magical, don't forget to visit these bloggers who have some other last minute tips you won't want to miss!

PS- I would love for you to visit my 2013 Holiday Home Tour here 

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  1. Yummy!!! My kids would love these. I'll be sure to add these to my Christmas morning breakfast menu! Happy to be touring with you ~Christy

  2. De-LISH! John and Jax would gobble these up … I don't know that I could, as I'm pretty sure I just gained 10 lbs "looking" at them! Thanks for including me in your tour! :)

  3. Two fabulous recipes all wrapped up in one wonderful post! My daughter is a hot chocolate-aholic so I'll be trying out your family recipe soon!

    Thanks for organizing, my friend!

    :) Linda

  4. Yum! I've never made those before. I never thought about using the biscuit dough for them. I bet the added peppermint makes them extra good this time of year.

  5. These look so yummy! My kids would love these, will have to make them for a special breakfast treat this Christmas!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Laura, This is my kind of easy breakfast! I'll have a house full of family for about a week, so these will be on the menu one morning!!! My husband's going to love these!!!!

  8. They remind me of Italian zeppole. Kids love these yummy treats.

  9. Oh and I love the beignets at the Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans..but not so much the chicory coffee…so love the "fast track beignets" of yours and the hot cocoa mix recipe!…Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  10. Laura, this so has my mouth watering. both of these recipes are from my childhood. I lived for the days that my mom heated up oil and we cut the canned biscuits in quarters and fried them up. We could choose cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar. I chose powdered. Oh my - I think I will have to do this over the holidays sometime. They are just so dang good!

  11. These look so delish! Thank you for linking up to the Christmas Extravaganza Linky Party! Pinned! ~ Heather

  12. I've been trying to find out a little more about this kind of stuff, thanks for sharing. I definitely appreciate your internet site.



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