by laura janning

The Easiest Burlap Heart Tutorial

January 30, 2013

Love is patient...and not always so kind... 
especially when you pull
 on that darn vine.

The poison vine that is... the one called Poison Oak. 
Even pretty little burlap hearts with red arrows can't defend against it and all it's itchy, irritable side affects. 
If you are wondering what in the world I am talking about... I pulled off a vine on this tree while trying to capture some pictures that contained poison oak.

A plastic heart shape with red tinsely garland- got mine at hobby lobby
Ribbon garland- I used a 10 foot roll

Step 1- Remove the red stuff from the heart and put away and save for another project that requires glitz and glamour
Step 2 - For this project I cut my burlap garland in long strips so it was easier to work with. Take one end and begin weaving in between the the plastic frame.
Step 3- As you pull through your burlap leave a little at the end and don't pull tight or pull all the way through. This is how your burlap will stay in place. Although I have never secured it onto the frame with anything, you probably could use a twisty tie or a piece of wire to secure your end.
Step 4: Continue weaving the loops around the frame. Your pattern should be the outer edge, middle and inner edge and repeat going back and forth. Your loops should be the same size. You will fluff and move around your burlap when you are finished.
Step 5: When you are done , take your scissors and cut off and long pieces from the back and any stray strings from the front. Fluff out and move the burlap around so that the plastic heart frame is not showing. To hang, I put some jute string through the hole and tied. 

The things we do for love... the things we do for love.
PS- for more instructions on how to make the wreath, not how to get poison oak, you can click here.

Grateful for~
My little cub getting his Bobcat badge last night.

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How Do I Love Thee

January 28, 2013

Oh Burlap Heart, Oh Burlap Heart, How do I love thee..... 
Let me count  say just some of thy ways.
Je taime
Wo ai ni
Ti amo
         Maim tumase pyara karata hum

Ich liebe dich
 Te Amo
  Ja tebya ljublju

But for me there's only one way to express my unending adoration and
devotion to you .....
I love you!
Oh My Burlap Heart, as much as I love thee, this may be the last time I get all fancy and take pictures on thy tree, that gave me thy Poison Ivy!! I do hope you understand.
You can click here for the Burlap Heart Wreath tutorial.

PS- If I stop itching long enough I will be back this week to share the tutorial on how to make the wreath.
PPS- In case you are wondering Translations in order: German, Spanish, Russian,French, Chinese, Italian,Hindi,English

Grateful for~
Cortaid and Benydral to help stop the itching

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The Latest Craze The 'Cough In Elbow' Dance

January 24, 2013

Just as the Gangnam Dance has gone viral, so has the 'Cough in Elbow' dance. Have you heard of it?  It's the next You Tube Sensation.  Right now grown men, women, and children of all ages are experiencing this centuries old dance craze. The 'Cough in Elbow' can be seen across the country night or day when a cough or sneeze is present.
It's also the latest craze around here at my house, particularly during flu season. Getting our dance on, helps us to prevent the spreading of those unwanted germs during flu season, and with 3 little ones, we dance and disinfect a lot. 
Since technique is everything in fighting germs, I have asked my main  'cough in elbow' dancer (and her puppy) to demonstrate the proper moves for you so you can help prevent the spread of germs by touch by these simple dance steps.
Step 1- Pick an arm, any arm and fully extend it in front of you, while holding on to your favorite puppy.
Step 2- Take that arm and bend it at the elbow in front of your body with your favorite puppy looking on.
Step 3- When you feel a cough or sneeze being initiated take that elbow and raise it to you mouth, quickly.  That's important. This will help to eliminate the need to touch your mouth and possibly spreading the germs from the cough or sneeze on to your hands or on to the puppy.
Some other quick tips from puppy to help prevent cold and flu preventation in your household~
Wash Your Hands Frequently throughout the day: Wash hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. I also use Clorox Cleaner with bleach around the sink basins to get any of the unwanted germs that were left behind. 
Disinfect Germ Hot Spots: Disinfect the surfaces you touch frequently – like the remote control, doorknobs, light switches, faucets and plastic toys with Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes to kill flu viruses.  I also keep a few of the wipes in a plastic bag in the car and use on the handle of shopping carts at the stores.   Shoppers have germs too!                 
Follow Good Health Guidelines: You have heard it before and will hear it again, but you need to eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep to help boost your body’s ability to fight the effects of colds and flu.                          
You can visit Clorox.com to learn more about the importance of disinfecting and other tips for keeping you and your family happy and healthy. *Use as directed

Good luck and keep on dancing and disinfecting!
Grateful for~
No flu in my household this year thanks to my Clorox products!

I Didn't like Winter Until....

January 22, 2013

The Winter Season has always typically been my least favorite time of the year, until yesterday that is....
See, I am not a big fan of frigid temperatures, having to layer clothes to go outside or witnessing nature going dormant for a few months, well until yesterday.....
Tucked next to my birdbath here, my Camellia bush continues to shower me with beautiful color when other's refuse to or simply don't because it's too cold.
So as of yesterday, after being consumed by this beauty, I have changed my mind and will learn to like Winter only until my Camellia stops blooming it's vibrant pink petals with it's shiny green leaves or until Spring arrives, whichever comes first.
How about you, are you a big fan of the cold or ready to put your flip flops on?

Grateful for~
To be able to walk outside and see this beautiful bush when there is no other color around, even in the cold!

Cottage Kitchen Renovation on Dog House Lane

January 17, 2013

Part of the dream my husband and I had when we purchased our property in the country, was building a guest cottage for extended stays for our family and friends.  The Cottage sits on 'Dog House Lane'  and got it's name just in case hubby gets out of hand, I wanted him to have a comfortable place to sleep! honey if you are reading this, just kidding!
While our house was being built we actually spent 10 glorious months in the cottage and when we moved into the house the cottage was used by parents, family and friends. Some visits ended up being a tad bit longer then the intended 'long weekend', so we needed to make adjustments to the weekend concept and turn it into a functional everyday kitchen.

This is the renovated space. The space that I lived in for 10 months was red, had a small counter surface, a dorm sized refrigerator and playhouse sized stove. Which if you recall, I am not much of a cook so it completely met my needs, but those "long weekenders" began to complain, so the renovations began.
The first thing we did after painting the entire cottage and painting the floor here, was to gut the original kitchen space and redesign the space into an L- Shaped formation. 

Since this is an open concept cottage with knee walls, this allowed me to maximize my counter space and to fit a full size oven. For a pantry, we use an over sized armoire that we picked up several years ago at Garden Ridge Pottery. To blend with the colors in the kitchen, I color washed to lighten it up.
The unpainted cabinets were stocked cabinets from Home Depot. They got primed and painted in a semi gloss color called Wasabi by Behr.
 We used bead board for a backsplash over the sink and for the  wall where the oven is. It was painted in a semi gloss color called White Wheat by Duron, which is the same color as the rest of the trim in the cottage. 
The wall color is called Dried Plantain by Behr.
 Because we were limited on wall space, the full size refrigerator sits next to the "pantry", which makes putting the grocery's away real easy. Refrig or Pantry?
It took a couple of months for us to complete the renovation, excluding the time it took to refinish the floors. We just love the new space and so do the "long weekenders".
I am also happy to report, that hubby has not had to sleep on Dog House Lane since I named it!
To see more of our Guest Cottage click here.

Grateful for~
Family and friends that come to visit and being able to provide them a kitchen that THEY can cook in.

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A Risk Worth Taking

January 15, 2013

The house was calm and quiet. Kids and husband were outside. 
If I was going to make my move, this was the time. 
                                    This was the moment.
My heart was racing, sweat was dripping from my brow and my hands were shaking....terribly
With my favorite paint brush by my side and a class of crystal light fruit punch to calm my nerves, I stared directly at it.      
What should I do?
What will my husband say? 
What will my friends think?
I was about to make a decision to do something that I had never done before.
I didn't have this problem with the thrift store find (here), or my dumpster rescue (here), or even my painted floors (here). But this was different. This was committing myself to the success or failure of the outcome and living with it everyday and never hearing the end of it from your husband if it didn't turn out.
It only took one look to know that I had not made a mistake. That the risk was worth taken. That a piece of furniture that I paid a really good sum of money for, had been transformed. That hubby would be proud and that my friends would say good job, but still chuckle that I had painted that piece.
I would only have to remind them though, of what the piece use to look like, before they realized that it was the right thing to do.

 And then they may just stop laughing.
What risks have you taken lately?

Grateful for~
Risking Taking

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Call Me Ambitious Just Don't Call Me Crazy!

January 11, 2013

So what's wrong with being just a tad 'bit' ambitious and having multiple projects going on at the same time?
Come on now, you can admit it... You do to, right?

I mean , what's so wrong with painting the master bathroom
at the same time you are painting the built-ins in the breakfast area
and then deciding that the master bedroom should be the same color as the bathroom, so you start painting that too!
Crazy would be thinking that you may want to come over and help?
I know...crazy.
Oh well. At least I did take a break long enough from my projects to tidy up the house and put all the paint supplies away so that I can show my home to a few of Suzy's friends over at Worthington Court I am giving a peek at my recently "finished" Family room and Office and would love for you to stop by.

See you tomorrow for my Weekly Wow's.

Grateful for~
The energy and ambition to get projects done!

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