by laura janning

Updating a clearance priced vase...or vessel

July 30, 2013

A few months ago I started to see the term "Vessel" pop up when seeing pictures of vases. Unable to get a picture of a large boat out of my head, I looked up the definition of a "Vessel" as it relates to vases....and not boats.
Otherwise the meaning of vessel and vase is somewhat interchageable, vessel can mean bowl or tube so the term vessel is often used to describe a vase that is more pot-like in shape, or has a pot-like segment with a fluted top while "vase" in its specific sense is used to describe the very narrow tube-like structure people use to hold single flowers.
I found this super duper cheap VASE on clearance that you saw here on my summer mantle. Although not attracted to the newspaper motif, only cause it was written in latin pygmy, I bought it because of it's shape and size. 
I picked up 2 packages of  3/8 inch jute rope at the Home Depot. I began wrapping the vase with the rope and securing with my hot glue gun. 
I wrapped the rope super tight and close so that the latin pygmy would not be visible. Continue wrapping until you are at the opening. Cut off any stray pieces with a pair of scissors.
I decided to embellish my vessel   vase with a star fish to fit my coastal mantle theme.  I just hot glued that to the center of one of the sides.
Right now it has some dried tall grass in it for the summer but I will probably change it out and remove the starfish and make it more seasonal..... which means I am sure you will see my vase again.

So is it a Vase or Vessel?  
Grateful for~ 
my twins and celebrating their 5th birthday!

PS- Because you asked...I got the bicycle on the mantle at Hobby Lobby last year in the Seasonal Spring area.
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Summer 2013 Showcase Home Tour Recap

July 29, 2013

Please tell me you didn't miss meeting my donkey Daisy Mae.......
Or my other donkey Oreo........
They were here, waiting for you to show up last week for the home tour. If you missed them it's here...... the donkeys will be happy to see you. 

Please tell me you were at the other 25 amazing homes, taking notes and breathing in all that inspiration. 
Please tell me you had your camera or your smartphone ....and took lot's of pictures of some fabulous ideas and jaw dropping transformations.
And just in case you couldn't make it to one of the homes...... No worries. Today I am highlighting all 26 stops on the tour just for you.

Besides my donkeys , did you have a favorite?

Sharing at~

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Summer Mantle

July 24, 2013

Hard to believe the lazy days of summer will soon come to an end and my kids are headed back to school next week. My twins will be entering Kindergarten and my oldest will be in 2nd grade. Handing them over to a wonderful school with wonderful teachers seems so scary yet exciting for them....and me.
I sure will miss the days of them staying up past their normal bedtime and then sleeping in like teenagers...... cuddled all together on a mattress in the den.

Occasionally swapping breakfast for dinner and days where my kids think that popsicles and ice cream just may be part of the 4 major food groups.
Days that I don't feel like I have to rush out of the house, face washed, dressed with my hair done to be somewhere... and on time.
Days that have created memories for me, my husband and my children of time spent together loving, playing and laughing...... before we head back to our norm, our routine and our earlier bedtimes next week.
 Simple, uncomplicated moments that have made this summer so special.
PS- Click here to see how I made the uncomplicated and simple Beach sign.
PPS- We are on Day 3 of the Summer Showcase of Homes. Fabulous bloggers...fabulous home tours and  if you missed Day 1 and Day 2 you will want to tour those as well!
Day 1
Atta Girl Says ~ The Happier Homemaker ~ Rain on a Tin Roof ~ Better With Age ~Top This Top That 
Day 2
Mom 4 Real ~ Cedar Hill Ranch ~ Practically Functional ~ While Wearing Heels ~French Country Cottage 
Day 3
The Lily Pad Cottage ~ Marty's Musings ~ Confessions of a Plate Addict ~ Town and Country Living ~  Adventures in Decorating 
Day 4
Good Life of Design ~ A Stroll Thru Life ~ Worthing Court ~ Back Porch Musings ~The Rustic Pig 
Day 5
Our Southern Home ~ Stone Gable ~ The Everyday Home ~ Recreate and DecorateSophia's ~ Vignette Design

Grateful for~
Being able to stay at home with my kids during the summer. 

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The other "friends" around Duke Manor and Day 2 of the Summer Showcase Tour

July 23, 2013

If you stopped by yesterday you got to meet my donkey Daisy Mae on my home tour.... she's the most popular donkey around these parts because of her sweetness and the way she can belt out a tune. The judges on the Voice would so want her on their teams!
 But please forgive my lack of manners and not introducing you to the other 4 legged friends around Duke Manor.
I introduced you to our new kitties, White Paws and Rainbow that we adopted from animal rescue a few weeks ago. They are doing very well and adjusting to their new diggs quite nicely. 
This is Kayla my Cairn Terrier. She has been part of our family for about 14 years now and I got her when she was just a few days old. Unfortunately, her sister Kara was attacked by a pack of coyotes a few years ago on the property. Kayla has been lost without her.
Which is why we have this one....Bear. He protects Kayla and the whole family. Bear was a stray that came to us 3 years ago. He is such a gentle and loving dog ....except to Coyotes.
And then there's Skippy, my loyal companion  Anywhere on the property I go....Skippy goes. Skippy just showed up a couple of years ago and never left.
In addition to Daisy Mae, I have two horses that stay on the property. This is one is lucky. 
And this is my other donkey Oreo. Tell me that's not a face that just makes you laugh!
I tell ya, a real Greenacres around here except no pig, but I am sure one day we may have an Arnold!
 Something else that will make you smile is the line up for today's home tour.

  And in case you missed yesterdays amazing homes:

I will be back tomorrow with my Summer Mantle.

Grateful for~
God's furry little creatures and the joy that they bring their owners!

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I have a donkey named Daisy Mae and my summer home tour!

July 22, 2013

As they say in the South....Howdy!
I am so glad that you stopped by today. I have been waiting for you on the front porch with a large glass of iced tea ready to show you around Duke Manor. Sweet or unsweetened?

Ahhh Iced Tea......It's pretty much the southern staple around here, along with some bug spray, particularly in the country where I live with my family, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 fish, pony, donkey and horses. And those are just the animals that I feed each day. Of course we have our share of snakes, rabbits, cows, chickens and deer. Those were the "extras" when we moved here 10 years ago and built our home.

Our farm also sits on a lake...I like to think of this swing as the time out chair...for me!

And this is Daisy Mae, my Pony Mule. She's like a sweet little dog, and instead of barking you will be greeted with her sweet high pitched donkey sounds every time you come to visit.

Around Duke Manor there is never a shortage of conversation on the front porch or in the backyard spaces. With my summer song of Sweet Home Alabama playing in the background or the sounds of trickling water from our backyard pond, we can sit here for hours just chatting it up with friends, family or neighbors. 

Since most of my time is being spent outdoors this summer, I have been slowly working on finishing up some projects in the house...well a lot of projects. So, excuse the mess and the just "peeks" into some of these spaces that are not totally finished. Some of these pictures are "never seen before today" and just for you.

Summer Mantel

Family Room

Living Room

Dining Room. I know I probably shouldn't have showed you that, but that is exactly what you would see if you were standing in this room right now. Half painted walls and ceiling. Well that's not entirely true.... I have since taken down the light and painted it too.

Rooms that I can walk into without having major anxiety ....

My office

My Favorite Room 

Media Room

And finally my master bedroom that I just finished hanging curtains in this week. They don't call it the lazy days of summer around here for nothing!

It just occurred to me that I think I may need to change my summer song from Sweet Home Alabama to the theme song from Greenacres...... since there is no where in the world I would rather be. It's a lot like my life. We would have to trade a pig named Arnold Ziffel though for a donkey named Daisy Mae!

I sure do hope that you enjoyed the visit today and as we say in the South....
Ya'll come back now, you hear!

PS- To see more of my home click here

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Giving new color to a clock

July 17, 2013

How many times have you walked past that "thing" because it was the wrong color?
How many times have you loved "something" but said....it won't match anything.
How many times have you said .....if I paint it, I may screw it up?
How many?
If you said too many then this post is for you. 
Can I change your mind? 
Can I ask you to be more flexible?
Can I ask you to look at all the color opportunities that may exist behind that teal color clock that I picked up at Home Goods?
 Remember how I was doing some updates in this room with this table, well I decided to use the same green color for the clock. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the color teal, it just wasn't the right color for the room. 
To get that real aged look though I needed to paint the clock surface in two steps. 
First step was the undertone in which I painted two coats of brown.
Next, I applied my custom green color in two coats. I finished by lightly sanding the entire clock so my peeks of brown would show through instead of teal.
 Did it work? Did I convince you that not all clocks have to be the color teal and they really can be painted to match in your space? 
Please tell me I did.
I will share the rest of this room with you next week. See you back here on Friday with my weekly wow's.

Grateful for~
Hope and faith when you really need it most in your life.

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