by laura janning

Heart Burlap Wreath Ideas and ......A Snow Storm

January 30, 2014

I knew the storm was coming, days before it got here.....to bad Atlanta didn't.
My kids were about to get their wish.....a snowman and a snowball fight. 
Burlap.... Specifically with red polka dots......no check

So it seems as the city came to a gridlock yesterday, any chance of me running back to get some extra burlap (in either color) wasn't going to happen. Rather then waste a break between the kids thawing out their little toys and fingers from snow ball fights, I made two..... Two perfectly mismatched burlap heart wreaths.

Truth be told, I actually thought they may look good paired up on my front doors, mismatched and all. But after looking at the pictures, I realized that anyone who came to my door, would know that there was a gridlock of burlap going on, in red polka dots or in solid red....and say something. 

So to avoid that conversation about running out of burlap in the middle of a snow storm and the embarrassment of having two perfectly mismatched wreaths on my front doors, I will find a home for the red polka dots and......

the solid red one.
In the meantime, if you do come to my door.....I am not here. I am at the store buying some more burlap.

Have you had any project gridlocks lately?
For the tutorial on how to make the wreaths, click here and here.

And if burlap's not your thing and boxwood is, check out my heart boxwood wreath here.

That all the stranded school children in Atlanta made it home safely to their families


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  1. I kind of like them on your front door! You are the burlap wreath queen for sure. I saw Atlanta on the news last night...what a mess!

  2. They are beautiful, Laura. My friend just moved to Atlanta this month, and had to abandon her car on the freeway. That's crazy!

  3. Saw the pics--looked like the kids loved the weather!

  4. I can't believe the store wouldn't open up just for you. :)

  5. I love your wreaths - both of them. The only change I would make is to switch the way you hung them so that the solid red would have a polka dot hanger and the polka dot hanger would have a solid red hanger. (Does that make sense?)

  6. Do not change them! They are adorable. Looks as if you intended to do just what you did.
    We did not get the snow here in Murfreesboro, Tn., but we have the balmy temperatures. Right now it is a lovely 10 degrees! Here is looking at the moderate weather in the South!

  7. Laura, They are cute just like they are...but if you want to change them you could take one off and make another to match the one left hanging (yeah- like YOU hadn't already thought of that-see what happens when you get old and think you have good ideas!;>)

    Enjoy your snow-and if you want MORE snow we have at least another 4" coming today...Whoo Hoooo-lucky us. I felt sorry for the people in the deep South that never see snow and their communities don't have the equipment to deal with it...and if you are NOT used to it-you kind of think---well, how bad can it be? Kind of like us hearing about a tropical storm coming....xo Diana

  8. Love the "mismatched" wreaths!…and they look fabulous on those gorgeous doors!

  9. These are very festive! The polka dots are so fun!

  10. They both are so cute and I think they look great on your doors! I have double doors also and I have to admit, I have to have the same thing hanging on both of them or my type A personality goes bonkers! LOL!! ~~Ang

  11. Laura, love the mismatched wreaths! My sister lives in Atlanta, it took her 7 hours to get home from work Tuesday, but at least she got home and didn't have to abandon her car :)

  12. LOve them both -- and I'd love to run out and get a heart shaped wreath form, but we're still iced in over here. So thankful to be in my house warm and safe after a harrowing day on Tuesday. Enjoy the snow!
    xo Heidi

  13. These came out really great Laura. I can't believe how everything shuts down but when the city is not used to this it is bound to happen. I am glad the kids enjoyed it and had some fun. I feel bad for the people we see on the news stranded and the kids that had to stay at the schools. Planning may need an overhaul down there???


  14. These are so adorable, what a cute idea to make them different! I live in Birmingham and have been snowed in for 3 days. The weather forecast was for a light dusting, no accumulation and everyone I know had to abandon cars and walk home! I wish I had had some polka dot burlap to play with!

  15. Love the wreaths. I have to say that I do adore polka dots, the red is pretty, but I adore polka dots.

  16. Your burlap heart wreaths look great on your double doors! I really like the one with polka-dots too. I haven't seen that burlap ribbon before. Glad that you survived the snow storm!

  17. Don't change them! I think they're adorable and love the fact that they are "mismatched" as you say. :) I wish you lived closer ~ I'd love to visit!


  18. I like them too mismatched. If you look at them, they're really not mismatched, just reverse mirror images of each other. I found your blog from BNOTP. You have really cute ideas! More snow is coming this week for those of us in the northern states - yikes! - I'm ready for Spring!!

  19. This is so pretty. I am visiting you via Wow Us Wednesdays and look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  20. This is great! I've gotten into making burlap wreathes and loaded up on red polka dot on clearance after valentines day. It was like $1. Glad I grabbed it!


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