by laura janning

Calling in the Big Guns...aka Professional Painters

January 16, 2014

I must admit, I was beginning to hardly notice my half painted walls. It started to feel like it was the intended design...... it was meant to be.  I mean, it's only been a year since I picked up the paint brush and painted my first stroke, promising to get it down in a few days... then weeks...  then next month.
But as soon as the clock started ticking into the New Year, I realized that something had to be done. Looking at those unfinished paint projects was starting to stress me out.

Up to this point, I have tackled most paint jobs in this house and I enjoy painting, immensely. Really, I do. Sometimes, I actually I think I am in the wrong profession. So, it pains me to have to hire someone to paint the interior of my home. But I did..... I had to.
Looking at those unfinished walls was becoming painful.  Half painted walls are no longer in style. Besides, the painters have way higher ladders and seem to maneuver a whole lot better then I could 20-25 feet in the air.

Here's some of the paint projects that I can officially cross off the "To Do List".

I started this project in Jan,2013 the same time I started this project. Well, almost 365 days later, I can stand here and tell you that the master bathroom is finally 1 color. Congratulations to me!
The reason that it took so long, besides having a large vaulted ceiling, was that I was not decisive with my color. The original color was Palladium blue by BM. When I painted my master bedroom here, I also decided that I wanted to repaint the bathroom as well. My first choice, Dover White by SW, turned out to be a bit too creamy for the space. Next I tried Rhinestone, which is the same color as the bedroom, but in the end I used Pure White by SW. 
I am happy.... next 

This area had been sporting a lighter color for a few months now, so it was just a matter of getting the big ladder and getting to the peak areas. I painted it grey ( same color as the master bedroom) back in the summer time but the color looked so different in this space, so I settled on Pure White (you can see the grey in the corner underneath the white). Since the ceiling was a creamy color, I decided to have that painted as well. This needed to be done by the professionals as there was no way (without a lot of time and scaffolding) that I was going to be able to paint this myself.
I am happy.....next 

When you walk into my front door and look up, you see this spectacular waste of space with a beautiful chandelier. Problem was, that it was a different color from the rest of the area and attached wall. The light now needs a color change like this light  here .....but at least the walls are the same color.  This was not an area I was comfortable painting, so the painters did this as well. I only wish I would have had them take the light down when they were up there! "Oh Honey........."

I am happy....What's next?
Got any unfinished home projects that are causing you stress?

Grateful for~
to feel a sense of accomplishment....for now anyways

PS- don't forget to stop by this Cozy Home idea party that I am joining. Schedule is here.

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  1. Yay for crossing things off your list, Laura!! Cheers!
    xo Heidi

  2. It always feels good to cross things off the never ending to do list!!

  3. Yes, there are times when the professional painters must be called in ... and it pains me too! But how fabulous it must feel to be done! And with 364 days to spare ...

    :) Linda

  4. You know how I adore painting things (NOT) and our stairway as well as just about every room needs paint. Don't even try to spark my desire to do it myself.....

  5. Oh I painted all those high spaces in my last house and never again. Time to call the painters for sure. So glad yours is all done now. Hugs, Marty

  6. I know how that is when you feel like you'll have to get a professional in to handle certain jobs. Usually that means waiting a bit longer because it's expensive! I know you must feel so happy to have those areas finished. My husband and I will be tackling our master bath soon. It has needed a makeover for quite some time so it is next on our list. I wish the the list didn't keep growing though!

  7. I am happy you hired the big guns..hate to even think of you 25 feet in the air!…Can't wait to see the reveal…and if you ever feel the desire to paint and have no projects..come on over…!! I love your gorgeous ceilings!!

  8. I've always enjoyed painting! Just can't climb around & up & down anymore. I had an accent wall painted in my bedroom prior to moving in. I was in such a state when I moved that nothing mattered. I eventually decided I'd like the living area, or at least 1 wall, painted a different color. No go! They won't come in and paint after move-in so I would have to hire someone. Can you send the big guns my way? :)

    Anxious to see the finished product!


  9. Ok I typed out a long comment and it went into comment heaven I guess. So I will make this short and sweet. I love to paint too. There is something very soothing about it. But I don't do heights. I love your new colors and changes. Can't wait to see more. xxoo

  10. I hear you Laura, we had 25 ft. ceilings in our old house and you have to bring in the big guns. Our painters used to use a scaffold. Happy for you, that you can cross that off your lise.


  11. Good for you! It always feels great to check off another project.

  12. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do! But, it must feel great to have it done. Looks great!


  13. Ceilings are one of the most important features in a home IMO. I always 'look up' when I enter a home for some reason. Let's face it, high ceilings are difficult to replicate. You either have them or you don't, and your ceilings are beautiful! I would never consider painting tall ceilings like yours myself! I don't even like painting standard height ceilings. Some things are definitely left to the pros.

  14. I've never had a ceiling high enough to necessitate hiring someone else. I did do a tall wall project for someone once and it was challenging and took looooong poles and a very good ladder. I bet you are relieved to have these things taken care of. Funny I was just reading about Palladium and what a wonderful color it was....

  15. Yep, the painting in our vaulted living room is only half way up!

  16. Thanks for sharing your house painting experience. It is very important to keep in our mind before doing paints in the bare walls. Only professional house painters can give us the charming beauty with colors. Thanks a lot for this.

  17. I realized that something had to be done. Looking at those unfinished paint projects was starting to stress me out.painters adelaide


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