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Craft Room ....During

February 5, 2014

We are moving right along with updates to the craft room. The bulk  of the updates ( hubby stuff) are done and now I am just working on the finishing touches.

Remember the before I shamefully showed you a couple of weeks ago here ....yikes!

Seriously out of control. Here's some of the updates that will ultimately bring the chaos to a manageable level.

We built a wall between my craft room and hubby's office. Since these really serve as room dividers there was no need to insulate the walls. We installed peg board and wainscot on the craft room walls. In the office we installed outdoor siding.... it looks amazing.

We also built a wall coming up the stairs leading into the craft room. Before, I had no walls in the craft room, so coming up with organization solutions were limited. This fixes that and also gives me additional electrical outlets and task lighting.

The entry coming into the space from our garage.

The walls got painted white and the beadboard got a coat of Mindful Grey ( SW) . I had some left over siding, so I applied that to the top wall as you come into the entry. 

My old kitchen table..... turned husbands work desk..... soon to be my craft table, got some new primer and paint over the weekend. With beautiful weather and temps in the 60's, I was able to do this outside.

And since the new rug that I received from Mohawk is driving the 11th hour color palate change in the craft room...... spolier alert, some old counter stools got a dose of berry pink too. In case you love the rug as much as I do, you can check it out here

Oh no. I will be on my berry little way now. I have a lot of explaining to do to Lily, since this rug was originally planned to go into her bedroom.
What's the last 11th hour decorating change you made in your home?

PS - for updates to the room, click here

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  1. Walls make planning and organizing so much better! Love the berry pink..oh my gosh, such a bright and inspiring color! I haven't picked an accent color for my new craft room yet. Maybe I'll win a rug and be inspired as well!

  2. You are moving right along on this. So excited for you and your short helpers to have a dedicated space for crafts.

  3. Oh I already love the color scheme…and can tell the room(s) are going to be fantastic!…11th hour?…hmmm…not so much 11th hour…maybe 9th hour, but purchased fabric for valances and decided to do something else with the fabric…and glad I did!..

  4. Wow! Y'all have been very busy. I love what you have done so far. The new walls will make a big difference. I really like the beadboard in the hallway and the cute light fixture on the wall too.

  5. You've really done a lot to maximize your space and make it work! Can't wait to see the full reveal!

  6. Wow, looking goooood! Love the colors you've chosen (the rug is awesome) ... now, hurry up and finish so we can see! :)

  7. Love it! The rug is awesome ~ crossing my fingers for the giveaway. :) The colors are gorgeous.


  8. How awesome that you and your husband are so handy - me and my hubby would've had to hire a contractor for that kind of work! It's looking really good so far. Love the bright pink rug.

  9. Wow, you've been busy! I love how you're making use of your space. I'm super excited that you're using pink too...so am I (I think). I can't wait to see how this turns out. Always looking for inspiration for my craft room.

  10. Love the pop of color! You are way ahead of me! Looking great!

  11. Oh wow! So much great stuff going on.
    New walls, electricity, paint and CUTE PINK RUGS.
    It's just too much ;)

  12. Oh WOW...I am loving what I am seeing my friend!!!! Berry Berry FABULOUS!!!!! Can't wait to see the final room...it is going to be over the top this top that SPECTACULAR!!!! hugs...

  13. Everything is looking so good! New walls with more electricity/lighting and storage possibilities are my favorites! You can NEVER have enough of those. I also love that rug! The color is great!!

  14. Everything is coming along so well! How exciting to watch the transformation! Love the rug too!!~~Ang

  15. Things are really coming along and I love what I am seeing so far. 60 oh how I wish!!!


  16. Oh wow you really are making big changes. I love the new rug!!!

  17. It feels like every room I do is an 11th hour change of plans! LOL! Love how it's shaping up!

    :) Linda


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