by laura janning

How To Recover from Cabin Fever during a Snow Storm

February 17, 2014

I am so glad that cabin fever set in last week ( believe it or not) during our winter storm, and that I decided to take a walk around the property. A walk that not only rejuvenated my mind, but my soul as well. Changing the way I would look at things.... through my lens.

A walk that would remind me of how beautiful a tree is ....even with no color.

Or.... how abundant and full trees can look without their leaves.

And, that my bicycle I never moved before winter, still looks pretty sitting on a bed of snow....so why bother moving it now.

Or..... how a grey sky, really doesn't make me feel blue at all.

Or..... how I never saw that the bank of the lake looks like a sand dune on a beach.

How this trail on the property, could lead to something really exciting...kinda like the adventure of life. 

And, that it's okay for my kids to leave their tractors in the middle of the pond....and freeze over. It could make for interesting conversation.

This image, reminds me of how blessed I am that my husband is a hard worker, sitting at his desk during the week or..... chopping wood to keep us warm on the weekends.

And...... how a dog, really is a gal's best friend.

When's the last time you tried to see something differently..... with or without your lens on?

I am busy working on these projects here and here. I will be back at the end of the week with some updates and hopefully a reveal. 

Have an amazing week.

Grateful for~
No power outages and safety during out winter storm event.

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  1. What beautiful pictures ...and perspective! I think sometimes we all need to try to see things differently. It makes for a glass half full instead of half empty. Absolutely amazing what cabin fever and a walk can do! Have a great week!

  2. Such beautiful pictures, Laura! We got a ton of snow and the best part was that I got to work from home and see the kiddos. Otherwise I'd like the snow to leave asap. :)

  3. Great shots. We still have snow on our deck.

  4. This is a great thought-provoking post. Some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. Wow! Each one has meaning! Incredible. I always feel like a walk makes me see things I've never seen before and with a different perspective.
    'Love this post! You are so very talented. Thanks for your sweet comments and prayers for my baby girl.

  5. You have the most fantastic property Laura...truly bucolic!...The snow around here is pretty much melted...Gorgeous photos Laura...Have a wonderful week!

  6. Beautiful photographer! Sometimes it's nice to put down the paint brush and appreciate the world around us!

    :) Linda

  7. Beautiful! We didn't get any snow, thank you for sharing yours with me :) Have a great week!

  8. Beautiful photos Laura...your property is stunning!

  9. Laura, I love how you showed that our outlook is really everything! That tractor in the pond made me laugh out loud! Adorable. Beautiful pictures and thought! I love leafless trees. Their "bones" are so interesting! Happy snow day!

  10. Awesome shots and an awesome post! (Love the "sand dune" ... I'm sure it made you wish you really were at the beach")!

  11. Thanks for taking us on the walk, Laura - and for keeping it real!!! Can't wait for later this week when we are to get into the 50's - believe me, I'm out of here then!!!

  12. Your pictures are beautiful! You were a brave one to get out there in the freezing cold to snap those pictures. I'm such a wimp with cold weather. I'm so relieved that the sun is back out and the skies are blue again.

  13. Beautiful photos and a great reminder to us about getting out and reavaluating our life and how good it is.

  14. Amazing photos, Laura. I'm a sucker for black and white, and many of yours are art-frame-worthy. Also, I love the message you are sending :)

  15. Laura these pictures are so pretty, and the dog is so very cute. If I wasn't so tired of looking at snow I would have been really, really thrilled. Hope your kitchen is coming along. I have been following along and saw it on FB it is looking mighty good.


  16. These are really gorgeous photos. I could totally see these in a gallery.

  17. Walking in the snow is such a wonderful diversion from cabin fever. Your pics are gorgeous and you know I'm eagerly awaiting that cabinet makeover!


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