by laura janning

Build a Succulent Garden in under 5 mins

March 19, 2014

I wrote this post specifically for the green and non green thumb plant lovers. You know who you are....we won't tell.

Succulent gardens..... Aren't they pretty?

The definition of a succulent, is a plant that retains water. That's why the leaves are generally thick and full looking. For the non-green thumbs, they require little maintenance and for you green thumbs, the options and designs of succulent gardens are endless.

I have a few gardens around the house and during these 'almost spring time days' when things aren't quite in bloom, the gorgeous colors of some succulent plants more then make up for the absence of color outside.

I wanted to share a super easy method of putting together a succulent garden that you can do in less than 5 mins. Really..... you can.

Container for your garden. In these pictures I am using wood crates and milk glass 
Small rocks for drainage
Succulent plants- you can pick these up at a nursery or home inprovement store. I use at least 2-3 different varieties in my gardens. You can pick these up for $2-$4 each,depending on the plant.
Potting Soil
Sheet Moss- found in floral departments

Step 1
Choose your container and place a few small rocks on the bottom for drainage. For the wood crate or anything else without a solid bottom, I would line it with some sheet moss first.

Step 2
Place potting soil 1/4  full in the container right over the stones.

Step 3
Take your plants out of the container and gently break up the root ball. Place the plant in the center of your container. The base of the plant should not be higher then the container.

Step 4
Take your other plants and divide into several pieces. You don't want the smaller plants to grow bigger then your center plant. Be gentle as some of these smaller plants are fragile and will break easily. Place these plants around the center plant in the container.

Step 5
Fill in the container with potting soil, covering all the bases of the plants.

Step 6
Water your plant thoroughly. You can place rocks, marbles or wine corks on the top of your soil if you want to add some added interest and bling to your garden. Be assured that your garden will still grow without the bling added. I cut up wine corks and added them to the first garden picture shown above and the picture below.

Okay, I fibbed a little. It actually takes 3 mins and 21 seconds to put a succulent garden together. Are you ready to make yours?

Do you have a green thumb or one that's not so green?




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  1. I planted some last year and they died. Maybe I will try again.

  2. Your little garden is very pretty! I'm lucky enough to have a green thumb..at least when it comes to indoor plants!

  3. I love the combination of the kalanchoe and other succulents...I have been known to kill my succulents by overwatering...so I have learned just to mist them from time to time...the containers are beautiful...

  4. I love succulents but don't really have any...this is a neat, easy way to use all those thrift store containers that I pick up! I am definitely going to do this! So pretty!

  5. Love this idea! So perfect and they barely need water :)

  6. I love the look of succulents too. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Looks easy.

  7. Love quick projects like this! I've been adding to my collection of plants over the last few months to help usher in the Spring. They've been all doing well so far. My usual track record, unfortunately, is about 50% survival rate so I'm staying clear of the fiddle leaf fig.

  8. Love the way you mixed them in the container - I may have to try that! Super pretty!


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