by laura janning

Spring Mantel Ideas

March 17, 2014

I honestely don't know what the Leprechauns would say if I put the flowers and bunnies up on the mantel before St.Patrick's day, so I will pause, have a pint of green beer and some corned beef hash and wait till ....... 
Until then, here's a few of the ways that I have styled my mantel in the past that say Hello Spring from the mantel top.

Spring Mantel using Cherry Blossoms here

And my Spring mantel using forsythia here

I think when I am done dancing the Irish jig I will start on this years Spring mantel. 

Happy St.Patricks day! To all you Irish readers I say "An la brea" and to the non-Irish readers.....Have a nice day!

PS- click here for some of my favorite Spring projects that you can do while drinking your green beer.

For a lazy Sunday with the family

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  1. Oh I feel the same way about the Leprechauns. I am doing a St. Paddy's post later today with my green on. Love the spring mantle and how you changed the flowers to make it different. Happy St. patrick's Day!

  2. I always love the way you style your mantels...Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

  3. i love the forsythia- always partial to it! it just says spring to me!

  4. I just finished my mantle, but I can't take pics 'til the sun shines! (Darn freezing rain!) Yours looks great!

  5. Those giant dragonflies are so cute on your mantel from another year. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do this year.

  6. When I was but a wee lass I decorated my mantel for St. Patricks Day. I think that was just last year.

  7. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Laura! I love the way you decorate your mantel.

  8. Both look pretty!!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day Laura!!

  9. I would be dancing a jig if I had that mantel. I just love your fresh ideas. I never think about how to use pink in any other room than my pink room. You mantel feels like spring and the eggs in the lamp are just fabulous! Everything you do is classy and never grows old.

  10. Are you done dancing the Irish jig while drinking green beer yet? Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful Spring mantels!


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