by laura janning

Breezeway Changes Over 11 years

April 18, 2014

If there is one room in my house that needs more maintenance and updating then my hair color...... it's my breezeway. 

This room sees more foot traffic then any other space in the house. Nestled between the garage and the house, it's primary purpose is to greet you when you don't come to the front door.
So with that in mind, clutter, mounds of tennis shoes, and red Georgia clay are things that I prefer you not see when you come to visit.

Here's a few shots of the space during the last 11 years. Hopscotch anyone? Top left picture was the day we moved in. Right picture was this past Christmas. Everything else was the years in between.

I am excited about a few changes that I am about to wrap up in this space, that I think may just hold me over for the next 11 years. 

The best part, I am making the changes for next to nothing in cost, some rugs and a gallon of paint........and I can get my hair done more regularly now!

Do you have that room in your home that constantly gets the update?

I hope you have a lovely and blessed Easter. Candy, eggs, family and all that it is suppose be on this special day.

 my heart is grateful for you.


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  1. That is such e nice space! Can't wait to see it when it's done. Hope you have a great Easter too.

  2. I am with Kim!!!...I love that space you have...wish I had a great "mudroom" area like yours..it is beautiful!..and I think the tennis shoes and red Georgia clay just adds lots of character!!!...It means real people live here!!

  3. P.S. Happy, Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family Laura!

  4. Every breezeway needs a bit of bling - can't wait to see it (I'll take my shoes off)

  5. Love seeing the updates. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. xo Laura

  6. I'd be delighted with any of the above. I love the red but my love is white and the look that you are hoping for. I know you will get it done and I'll look forward as always to seeing what you do.

  7. Ok Laura, now I am convinced that you never sleep. Have a Happy Easter and to your family too!


  8. I just wish I had a mudroom. Can't wait to see what you do.
    Happy Easter,

  9. Love seeing the changes! Such a fun and pretty space!

  10. What a great space Laura...can't wait to what changes you make! Happy Easter!!

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