by laura janning

Monday Musings

April 21, 2014

Mama and her kitties taking a nap........ all 5 girls

I love this time of the year when Azaleas are in full bloom.....

Over the weekend we converted our old sandbox into a feed shed.....

To feed these little chicks that are getting bigger each day.....

My favorite time of the day and place....mornings in my garden

What's your favorite time of the day?
I hope you had a wonderful Easter and a great weekend. 

PS. Stop by tomorrow when I share a tablescape inspired by my Azaleas.

Grateful for~
Family time
All our 4 legged friends around the farm

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  1. I love your kitten pictures and your chicks and the flowers. I guess you could say "I love all of them". Have a good Monday.

  2. I have two favorite times of day. If I'm up early, then that is my favorite time of day. I like it when the house is quiet and I have the whole day ahead of me. I also like the time right after dinner. I anticipate being able to sit down and relax with my family and go to bed soon. I love all of your pics outdoors. The feed shed is great. You're so lucky to live on all that private property!

  3. My favorite times of the day are after I get settled from working out and I am ready and showered for the day. My second favorite part of my day is late afternoon when my pups and I snuggle on the couch while dinner is going and we wait for their daddy to get home!!!

    The kittens are so tiny and cute. I can't believe how big the chicks have gotten.


  4. Sweet pictures Laura! I love late mornings.

  5. I love the time around the sun setting, twilight time. I don't have to get up early anymore and I do miss the sunrise. Your garden is beautiful! So many good things on your farm ~

    P.S. I'm not getting the emails re: your blog posts. Not sure what that's about.

  6. Loving all those signs of life! Still waiting for Spring to show up here ...


  7. Love your little Spring babies!

  8. Oh the babies of Spring!...they are adorable!....your gardens are gorgeous and I can just imagine them with the azaleas in full bloom...a magnificent sight!...


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