by laura janning

Spring Won't Get The Best Of Me....No Way!

April 8, 2014

Whoever came up with the saying ‘No Pain, No Gain’ must have been born in the middle of nowhere Georgia..... out in the country.....on a long dirt road.... on a beautiful bright spring day.
Really. They were.

I am reminded of this, as I look around the property on this beautiful bright spring day, out in the country.... on a long dirt road.... surrounded by trees showcasing budding flowers, the pasture with its sprouting grass, and purple wildflowers as far as your eye can see.

Before I moved to Georgia, some many years ago I had no idea what pollen counts were, how to remove the fine yellow dust like substance that covered virtually everything you looked at, and how to control seasonal sniffles… allergies.

Oh, but it didn't take long to be quite the subject matter expert on how control those seasonal sniffles and coughs and more importantly try to prevent them.
Living on a farm, it’s inevitable that we are outside… a lot, whether it’s feeding our donkeys, dogs, cats, chickens, cutting the pasture or whatever other chores are necessary to keep the homestead going, so hunkering down inside eating popcorn watching the season finale of The Bachelor isn't an option while things are blooming outside the window. Besides, it would be a much better for the ratings if I proclaim my love for all things spring. If you are fan of the show you know what I am talking about. By the way Chris Harrison, Juan Pablo is not going to say he loves her...so back down.
And although total avoidance isn't possible, prevention may be… with my HALLS® drops. Actually it’s quite the staple for my husband and I, as being down and out, just isn’t an option. Besides the donkeys don’t know how to operate the tractor. The minute I begin to feel the sore throat or unstoppable cough coming on, I know exactly what my course of action is… sucking a HALLS drop... while I am on the tractor of course.

And if you are anything like me and prefer to enjoy the beauty of the spring season outdoors without the cough and sniffles… you’ll want to as well, on or off a tractor.

What do you do to keep allergies away?

HALLS Drops for Allergy Season
When you have a cold, HALLS is the #1 cough drop that most people choose for effective relief. Did you know that the same HALLS you trust is also effective for allergy-related coughs and sore throats? Don’t let allergies get the best of you. Grab your allergy cough by the throat and try HALLS Cough drops or HALLS Breezers throat drops as a complement to your primary allergy medication regimen. Click here to learn more. 

Grateful for~
The beauty of the outdoors... without the cough and sniffles

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  1. My friends just moved to Atlanta in January. The wife is having a terrible time with allergies down there already. I'm going to share your post with her. :)

  2. I love Spring, but with it comes the awful pollen...hopefully the rains we received lately will wash some of it away!..Beautiful pics Laura!...I can't imagine how beautiful your property is in the Spring!

  3. Pretty photos Laura! My back porch is covered in pollen. The cats even looking yellow... hopefully it will be over soon. No allergies around here thank goodness.

  4. I feel your pain. I have a raspy voice this morning. The rain has come and there are puddles of pollen everywhere. I have several friends who enjoy life on the farm. Whew! That is not for me. Now I could sit and watch from the window and enjoy God's creatures, but that's as far as I'll get to being a Farm Mom;)

  5. Beautiful! We are fighting pollen and allergies too!

  6. I have a daughter that suffers from allergies. It is SO miserable. Glad the Halls drops help you. We don't have the awful pollen here though that you do there- xo Diana

  7. Yes, I'm afraid I've been doing a lot of sneezing lately myself. Allergy season is in full swing now. Argh! Thanks for the tip about the Halls cough drops. I usually just take Zyrtec and chew some mint gum if my nose is stopped up and I have a scratchy throat. My sniffles seem to last year round. I must be allergic to everything! LOL! Good luck with your allergies so you can get back out and enjoy your pretty farm.

  8. Boy do I know how you feel. When we moved to KY my allergies bloomed to horrible in a second. The first few months we were there we lived in KOA park in Bowling Green. Gorgeous green flowers everywhere. Oh yeah. And Dogwood trees and whatever else in April. It was so pretty but so miserable with allergies and asthma. I had same in MT where we lived before, cottonwood trees in May. Before that San Diego, before that Tucson. After KY we moved to Grand Junction, CO area, the wind blows alot, I'm allergic to whatever is here also. Everytime we move i have to get used to a new climate. I now use eye drops for allergies which help alot. Also use Fluticasone Propionate for allergies, spray in my nose and Flow Vent inhaler for asthma. I need to take those things as soon or before an allergy attack hits me or it's too late. I've noticed the eye drops help immensely then I give my nose a good shot in both nostrils of the Fluticasone. Before I had these meds I was miserable all year but especially in Fall and Spring/summer. I can't take over the counter meds for allergies and asthma, they could kill me. Thank heavens the eye drops aren't prescribed. I use a better one tho as I've found the cheaper ones don't do much at all.
    Talk to your doctor, it's worth it. Allergies are pretty hard on a person. All my kids have allergies and one has had asthma since he was about one year old. Hope you'll be able to enjoy all your beautiful property. Happy Spring too

  9. Gorgeous photos! Luckily, I don't have have any allergies, but if I lived as you do surrounded by flowers, I'm sure I'd be sniffling, too!

  10. I live just north of Atlanta and had problems with my allergies for a long time until a friend gave me her remedy. Take one tablespoon honey from a local source and one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (I use Braggs organic) and put both in a teacup. Add hot water to fill the cup. I drink this "tea" every morning during allergy season in the spring and fall. I have not been on allergy medications for years. Locally sourced honey os the key…I ge mine from a local farm stand or the natural food store.

  11. I am so behind with my emails, sorry. What gorgeous pictures and I can imagine with all the work and the animals you can't let the sniffles be a problem. I swear by Zyrtec for my allergies. Nothing else works for me and I have taken it all.



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