by laura janning

The Easiest Burlap Wreath ....goes blue!

April 10, 2014

Do you realize that it's been 2 years since I first posted about this wreath and it still remains a favorite of every burlap wreath lover in America...... and beyond. 
But just wait until today......I am introducing the fraternal twin of the original burlap wreath.
Speaking of which, did you know I was a twin ...but sadly, she doesn't love burlap like me.

I know, I know, don't hate me.  Burlap, burlap burlap. But I just couldn't help myself when I saw blue burlap. Besides it just screams 'Hello Spring' as you approach my front doors.

I found this pretty little shade of blue at Hobby Lobby and I thought it would be perfect to whip a couple of wreaths for the Spring Season.

I tucked some faux yellow stems behind a little grapevine nest and secured some eggs in yellow, green and blue. The nest is attached with floral wire so I can remove it with ease once Easter is over, or I eat all the kids Easter candy.....which ever comes first.

Perfection....and so is the candy. Just don't tell my kids.
Hope you are having a lovely Spring Season!
For the original wreath and the tutorial click here.

That you put up with all my burlap wreath creations.... me and the burlap thank you.

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  1. That is such a pretty color. Better bring it in or it will be green. Blue plus yellow (pollen) makes green. :)

  2. I LOVE this color....a gorgeous color for Spring and a Spring Wreath....wish our H.L. was closer!!

  3. I love the color of that wreath, beautiful job! You're not the only one to eat the kids candy while filling the baskets. I have been known to buy the candy early, hide it in my closet and eat a little every day. I've needed to re-buy candy before filling the baskets!


  4. WOW! This is gorgeous! I plead the Fifth Amendment regarding the Easter candy~~

  5. I really is a gorgeous color!

  6. Love the color, so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  7. When I saw the title I thought blue burlap would be, um, strange but it turned out lovely! And yes, the candy. My boys are grown so I miss sitting in my walk-in closet filling their Easter baskets for them to find the next morning and eating every third piece (one for son #1, one for son #2, and one for me, haha)!!

  8. Oh I really love that pop of blue on your front door for Spring! The yellow added to it is just right. I still need to fix up my front porch. It's a little sad right now. You really are the queen of burlap wreaths!

  9. You and the burlap are both welcome, Laura. I really love how that turned out. The blue is perfect for Spring. So...is your twin identical or fraternal? There were six sets of twins in our family and I always hoped one of my kids would have twins....we might have one chance left....lol xo Diana

  10. Marilyn the nurseApril 10, 2014

    This wreath is beautiful, never would have thought to make one blue. Have you already posted instructions on how to make the wreath? Would love to know how. Thank you

  11. I'm loving the colored burlaps! Your wreath is gorgeous Laura. Nope! I will not eat the candy. I will not eat the candy ....

  12. It looks absolutely beautiful! I love the blue with the pops of yellow! And Easter candy.....ummm....ain't nobody seen Easter candy around here. :)


  13. I am working on a wreath now made from some burlap I have, so I am glad to see your post which assures me I'm on the right track.

  14. So pretty! LOVE that blue! And the nest! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  15. Love that blue burlap - looks like I need to make a visit to Hobby Lobby!

  16. Laura I playing catch up with emails and I LOVE this wreath. The color and that nest on the side is so beautiful. PINNING!!! I may have to duplicate this down the road.


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  20. Donna RobertsFebruary 04, 2015

    Just found your site and love the burlap and the versatility of using it with seasonal decorations.
    Speaking of Easter candy, my children didn't know chocolate Easter bunnies had ears until I joined weight watchers and learned a little self control. LOL

  21. I enjoy most of your articles,the articles are so nice for readers.



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