by laura janning

Spring Wisteria Wreath

May 5, 2014

Us Southern gals are at it again, this time....... with flowers. 

I definitely feel more accomplished with my gardening skills then I am of my culinary skills...and lack there of.  In fact, I would rather be digging in the dirt , then cooking in the kitchen any day. 
Which is precisely where I was, putting this beautiful Wisteria Wreath together.

One of the first plants that I planted in my garden 11 years ago were 2 Wisteria vines. Each year, they come back bigger and prettier then ever. Every year I have to prune them multiple times so they don't look completely out of control, like my hair on some days. 

The funny thing is, I had never considered using the cuttings for a wreath....until this weekend. So with shears in hand, I snipped about 15 clippings and attached them to a grapevine wreath using floral wire. 

 Snip, attach and hang.

I decided to hang it on one of our feed sheds near the pasture. Now, feeding time is met with a big ole smile, by me....and the animals. 

The donkeys like the wreath too!

Be sure to visit my other pals for more flower inspiration.

grateful for~
seeing my mom and sister this weekend

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  1. Beautiful! I love wisteria and every time I see a vine, I think of my grandmother. She had them all over her yard and they make me smile too!

  2. So pretty! I LOVE a good wreath project! I need to plant some wisteria! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  3. I wonder if the donkeys would like to EAT your wreath! :) Let's hope not because it's stunning!

    :) Linda

  4. That looks so pretty Laura...love it!!

  5. Love that wreath! You are truly the wreath queen. It looks great where you hung it.

  6. Very sweet wreath! I love wisteria. I live in NC on the coast and the wisteria was blooming a couple of weeks ago. I just adore it. I have always wanted to plant some in my garden somewhere but being that it needs to climb I am not sure where I would put it!

  7. That's gorgeous and I'm right there with ya in the dirt.

  8. It is beautiful Laura!

  9. I adore this and could only dream of having Wisteria like that.
    Your wreath is pure, simple, perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. So gorgeous! So love wisteria!!! Great for a garden party .....or the adorable donkeys! XXOO Christy

  11. Oh I adore Wisteria!! How beautiful and how lucky you have it right there at your fingertips! I love when it's in bloom!
    Your wreath made from it is lovely!

  12. I love working in the yard also. You sure do make pretty wreaths Laura. I wished you lived near me so you could make my wreaths. I have wisteria and never thought about making a wreath, guess what I will try to make tomorrow......

  13. Love that gorgeous wreath!!...I love wisteria...we used to have it in our home in Florida, but it went crazy...we dubbed it "Hysteria".....By the way Laura...your posts have stopped coming into my email....that Feedburner issue I think!

  14. Looks good! I don't think I have seen it here :( nice review)
    Lovely Read!

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  15. Hi Laura, playing catch up, I am a fan of Wisteria. We had the worst luck with ours in the old house. We never got one flower, ever, so disappointing. Love this wreath, it gorgeous. You always do a great job.


  16. Love this wreath!
    Wisteria is something I would love to add to my garden


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