by laura janning

Summer Mantel 2014...Almost, Kinda, Sorta

May 27, 2014

Although summer doesn't officially begin until June 21st, many believe that it's Memorial Day that kicks off the summer season. 

You know, the time where it's okay to start wearing your white shorts and time to put away those boots, unless your the kind that wears boots with your Daisy Dukes that is. 
So, since it's almost, kinda, sorta summer, I figured I would usher in Summer time on the mantel this weekend.

I think my mantel evokes my thoughts about summer......bright, simple, beachy with a touch of orange and aqua blue.

Some orange wooden buoys got a little refresh with white and a pop of aqua to coordinate with some wooden oars that I painted.

The beach sign that I made here, that I absolutely love... has surfaced every year and points South to the .......

Sea glass colored vessel that has some "pretend" beach grass in it. I sprayed some dried greens with white paint...Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, especially this guy......

This Sperm Whale print that I framed in one of my Ribba frames from IKEA .... was actually the inspiration for it all. Factoid for you.  Did you know The Sperm whale is the world's largest toothed predatory fish. Males can reach longer than 65 feet and females 35 feet. Luckily for me and most of you, we should be able to spot one. 

And although this makes me feel slightly better when building sand castles at the beach this year, every time I dip my toe in the ocean I think about the original movie 'Jaws' ...and how after all these years it still creeps me out.
How about you?
Happy start of summer.....well almost.

PS- If you really want to be the subject matter expert on Whales while sitting on the beach this summer go here.

Grateful for~
A beach vacation this summer

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  1. love it- i love the colors! the whale print is my favorite part!

  2. Love your cute summer mantel, but I do believe that is a whale not a shark. :)

  3. Love, love, love! I must know where you got your whale print from girl! :) Sharing on my FB & Pinning!

  4. Love your "kinda, sorta" summer mantel....I enjoy bringing out the "coastal items" this time of year...and although I love the beach...I rarely go in the water anymore...just walk along the shore line where I can see what is around my feet!...

  5. Love your mantle for the sorta kind of start to summer. The bouys are so beautiful and add such a great t ouch.


  6. true story, My daughter got bit on the leg by a shark last summer. I don't think she will be going in the ocean again anytime soon. Love your beachy mantle. xo Laura

  7. Your mantel totally has me summer~ready!! Love the buoys!


  8. The water still scares me from seeing Jaws from the front row of a theater in 1975, just as the shower still scares me after seeing Psycho. You know it's a good movie when it affects you for the rest of your life!

  9. Your mantel décor looks great! Love the orange, blue and white theme you chose. The buoy garland is so cute.

  10. Lovin' your mantel. How/where did you get those bouyies? I saw a post last summer how to make some so guess I'll have to have hubs get to it. After all the other projects first tho.
    We've recently painted our living room light gray with varied aqua shades for art, etc. Dug out my shells, put a shelf upside down on our shutter shelf (a.k.a. mantel) made some beachy art, arranging a gallery wall with shells, etc. for summer/beach. I'm having one heck of a good time, using things I've had, not had to buy anything so far except paint and two sets of panels that started the whole thing. So guess could say it's shabby chic/beachy/cottage. I put a few faded same color shades vintage tablecoths on a club chair, made pillow covers, table runner. OH this is so much fun. Did you enjoy putting all your summer goodies on your mantel? Love your oars. I have to find my oar.
    I waited almost 8 yrs. to get l/r painted, think was good thing we waited since I'm much more sure of what I wanted now thanks to awesome blog posts like yours to inspire me. Love your blog and mantel.
    Happy week Pinning

  11. Love it Laura and I didn't know that about the sperm whale :)

  12. Your mantel looks totally cool Laura. What a neat idea to do a summer theme. You have my wheels turning now.

  13. Laura, one of the more darling mantels I have ever seen! Ohhhhh so beachy and refreshing. Makes me want to be beside the waves with my feet in the sand and the wind blowing through my hair. I've got to get there!

  14. Yes, it's summer, no matter what the calendar says! Woo hoo! Love the beachy mantel, Laura... I can almost hear the waves. :)
    xo Heidi

  15. Very pretty Laura! I love beachy decor. And the colors are perfect!

  16. Stopping by from Get Schooled Saturday link party. I love everything about this. The colors, the oars and most of all the bouyies. So creative, thank for sharing. Have a great weekend from the ladies at www.homemadeinterest.com

  17. Found you on a link party and I had to come see this beautiful and fun mantel. Love all of it. Great job! Going to follow you now.

  18. Great mantel decor for summer. I love your stone fireplace - our first home had a fireplace like that - now we have brick. Yes, the Jaws movie still creeps me out, too. We were actually on Spring Break at the beach in FL this past March and they had it playing on a TV channel.


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