by laura janning

How I am "Chillin" over the summer

June 17, 2014

Georgia summers can be brutal...but beautiful,  especially when I get the chance to sit outside.

Just sitting in my backyard surrounded by lime green polka dots and with a slight gentle cool mist running through the air....all while I sit and munch on my apple and take in a good read.

And to take this totally amazing experience over the top, I attach my Artic Cove Bucket Mister to the top of a polka dotted bucket filled with water, and ...... chill. 
Ahhh. These hots days don't get any better then this...and it's cordless too, so I am free to roam all around the property....misting and staying cool.

If you don't believe me, just ask her. 

I think she'll also agree that this Artic Cove  Bucket Mister  is just amazing!
How do you chill out when it's brutally hot outside?

PS-  I thought my customized bucket would look much cooler with a  fun  coordinating pillow. Sorry Home Depot. You said "Let's Do This"..... and I did.

PPS- The winner for the Mohawk Rug giveaway has been notified. Thanks to everyone who entered and stopped by the craft room!

I was given the Artic Cove Mister to review but all the opinions about being cool are just mine..... and her's.

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  1. That is awesome! I barely noticed that it was a bucket at first. You made it look adorable.

  2. Wish I could hook one up to my lawn mower. It was brutal yesterday.

  3. Wow..that mister looks great!!.....and love that cool coordinating bucket!!!...

  4. You have the most fashionable mister in town! :)

  5. That is the coolest thing! I bet that feels great. I agree that our summers are brutal!

  6. Oh, that sounds wonderful on a hot day! I can see the kids love it.

  7. That mister looks great. Am I living under a rock because I never heard of it before, LOL. Maybe it is because we haven't had a home for a year!! It is very humid here in NJ today, ick!!


  8. Love your cool mister :)

  9. Oh I love this idea, how fabulous and so creative.

  10. Now that's the way to stay cool. We used to put up our pool in summer so I could dip into it when I got too hot, practically lived in swim suit. I'd also float in pool, now that felt so good when we lived in KY with 100% humidity and 100 degrees. Phew. After living in dry climates KY was an eye opener. The pool sure helped tho.
    Love idea of the mister, didn't know you could buy things like that. All we have here is so much wind to keep cooler. It blows almost constantly, hang on to your hat believe me, when I hang laundry I use lots of clothes pins. Great post, cute idea to decorate the bucket. Happy summer days.


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