by laura janning

May Roundup- Craft Room Reveal, Summer Mantel, 'No Name' Summer Dessert

June 2, 2014

Happy June. Hope you had a fabulous month. I am hoping that if it's anything like May, it won't fly by. Why do summer months have to do that anyways?
Did you notice my new header?  Ha. After 2 1/2 years of blogging, I finally came up with a tag line.  Live, Laugh & Decorate. I think it totally represents me and my blog. 

Earlier in the month I was out in the garden sharing my Wisteria Wreath. PS- My wisteria is still going gang busters out in the garden. I know many mentioned that they wish they had it, but it is so evasive.

Summer is in full swing ...well on the mantel it is at least. How about you...are you ready for summer? Some of you have asked about the buoys that I used. They are old wooden ones that had the original orange color on them, that belong to my husband's grandfather. 

 My lego anxiety has been cured with our new lego table that we put in the game room. I am thrilled that all the legos now can be found in one spot, but have you ever stepped on a lego with bare feet... boy it hurts!

I did a little baking and came up with this 'No Name' summer dessert. You guys rocked the suggestions and here's a few that you came up with......
Lazy Daisies
Nanner Surprise
Banana Cream Tarts
Vanilla Cloud Cups
Sunshine Pie
Banana Dream Cloud
Sunshine Cups

and my pal at Bliss Ranch submitted these original names.... although I seem a theme here
Bitsy Bites of Bliss.
Banana Bliss Bites.
Vanilla Bliss Bites.
Simple Bliss Bites

Since summer started with the kiddos at home, the only time I can really sneek up to the Craft room without kids in tow, is at night.
Regardless, day or night....I love my new space.

Did you see how my garden has evolved over the years here. Hint...It didn't always look like this!  I also hope that you entered the $100 Visa gift card giveaway. If not, head on over, smell the roses before June 22nd and enter to win!

Have a fabulous June!

PS- don't forget to join the Elements of Summer Tour going on this week. I will have you over on Friday but don't miss out on the other tours going on all week.

Grateful for~
all our precious animals around Top This Top That

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  1. That Bliss really is stuck on herself isn't she? :)

  2. Great projects! I love the suggestions for your dessert from Bliss. :)

  3. I love your new header. I think it definitely speaks of you. Looks like you are in for a wonderful summer. xo Laura

  4. You certainly had a great month of beautiful projects Laura!...Love, love your new header....and your tag line is perfect!!...

  5. Loving you header, Laura...and your mantel...and your dessert. Not much here I don't love-----even love YOU! Hope you are having a wonderful summer so far with the kiddos-xo Diana

  6. Busy month, my dear! Happy June to you!
    xo Heidi

  7. Love your new tag line Laura! Perfect!!! and yes, I remember the days of Legos! My son would build things for hours..and yes they hurt! lol ;) I am envious of your craft room...working on mine right now. Loving the "Bliss" name suggestions too.
    Have a great week!

  8. Ah ha ha ha ha ha...... Bitsy Bites of Bliss it is. But on the iPad auto correct wanted to call it Busty Bites!

  9. LOVE the tag line! You are an overachiever! I want to be you when I finally grow up!

  10. Laura, I really like your beachy mantel and the pops of red in your craft room are calling my name. I love red. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  11. Absolutely love your energy. I am still a Newby. Working on getting my site running. You inspired me. Kindred spirits. (); love the header. I love Stonegable and so glad she shared you. ;). Be blessed.


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