by laura janning

Summer Porch 2014...5 things every Southern porch should have

June 18, 2014

Welcome to one of the most popular hangouts at my house....The Front Porch. 
The other.....The back porch. My typical summer rant "out front, out back, in or out"
From Friday night date nights, to afternoon chit chats with friends......this is the place to be. Where all the cool people hang.

I have rounded up my list of 5 things every southern summer porch should have.....although all other porch loving friends regardless of where you live, should take note.

1. Comfy seating paired with pillows. This year I bought some cute striped covers from here  (they were super inexpensive) to mix in with my already paisley cushions and pillows. Since this porch is covered, I buy indoor fabric and spray with scotch guard to protect from the elements, dogs and kids. Don't want your guests sitting on something nasty.

2.  Something to drink. From sweet tea to cold water with lemon, to homemade moonshine...okay , not really about the moonshine, please have a cold beverage for your guests to sip on.  This is a must, especially when its hot outside.

3. Ferns, and lot's of them. It's like the staple for the Southern porch. Ferns are the easiest, fullest and inexpensive porch plant to have. I buy them as annuals at the beginning of the season and they will hang in there until the first cold snap. I have Boston ferns on my front porch.

4. Color. Mix in a favorite color or two for your containers, flowers and accessories. I sprayed the containers and monogram yellow and then added some yellow lantana in with my Eugenia Toparies. These Eungenia's are so easy to grow and make a great statement by the front door. 

5.  Conversation, laughter and fun. No restriction to how much, time of day and how often. Although, the more the merrier......especially after a few shots of that moonshine.

So, where are you hangin out this summer?

Regardless of where you are sitting or where you will be, I hope you will enjoy the Summer time. Come back anytime...you know where I will be! To see last years summer porch, click here.

I hope you will visit my other Southern Pals for more Outdoor Living Ideas.

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  1. I want your porch! It's so refreshing :)

  2. You are so right about the ferns, love them! Gorgeous porch my friend!

  3. Your porch is absolutely beautiful! So inviting and peaceful.

  4. I LOVE your porch....Great idea about using the Scotch Guard on the beautiful fabric!...Your porch is truly a southern gem!!!

  5. What a great spot! I'm loving all the yellow. Very nice!

  6. Wow! I love your porch, the plants are gorgeous!

  7. LOVE your porch! Such an inviting space! Life to the full! Melissa

  8. Love your Southern porch! One of my favorites in blogland!

    :) Linda

  9. What a gorgeous porch! I am especially loving the addition of the striped pillows, and the yellow!! Such a cheerful and fun color.

  10. Big time porch envy over here.... So beautiful.
    Thanks Laura.
    Hugs, Gee

  11. Beautiful porch! I love the yellow accents!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Nothing better than a fabulous southern porch. And that you have my friend! XXOO Christy

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! Nothing better than a fabulous southern porch. And that you have my friend! XXOO Christy

  14. Love your front porch Laura and your tips. The topiary are my favorite thing but I don't think they are very successful in the Northeast.


  15. Moonshine? I'll be right over

  16. Beautiful porch Laura! Love all the ferns!!! Looks like a wonderful place to hang out and drink a little moonshine!! LOL!!~~Angela

  17. I dream about having a porch like yours! It is perfection! I'd never want to go inside!

  18. Laura, your porch is a winner. It is so sunny and happy, no doubt even on a rainy day!

  19. I used to live in southern Virginia and your ferns, seating and gorgeous flowering plants bring back such good memories! Wonderful decorating Laura! Thanks so much for sharing at the Fun in the Sun Linky Party! I featured you today!

  20. Gorgeous! So welcoming and, with the moonshine, I'll be right over! :) So nice to have a computer again and be able to visit. I don't know how you do everything with little ones...you must not sleep. Lol



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