by laura janning

How to Hang Wall Paper like a Rock Star... 5 Simple Tips Before You Get Started

July 16, 2014

Of all my DIY projects that I have done....wallpapering has not been one of them.  I guess it always seemed so difficult and time consuming, besides the visions of stripping paper in tiny little pieces off the walls, was enough to tell me not to even begin..... until I saw this paper from here and fell in paper love.

I thought it was the perfect paper for my' little girl getting bigger' bedroom updates. If you saw a glimpse of her room here, I am here to tell you I am a believer that wall paper can truly transform your space.
And so for all you non-believers or one's sitting on the fence thinking about hanging paper, I have put together some very basic tips to help your wall paper journey....and make you a believer.

Tip #1
Make sure you have the right tools. Good thing is, you don't need a boat load of supplies to hang paper. I used a tape measure, utility knife with a sharp edge, applicator ( to smooth and get rid of air pockets) a sponge, ladder and.....

a bath tub, yes that's what I said, to successful move through this job. 

I realize this is such a non conventional method in the professional world of wall papering, but rather then using a pan to submerge my paper, I filled my bathtub with luke warm water and submerged my paper in the tub instead. Worked like a charm and one less thing I needed to buy.

Tip #2
Love the sample piece before moving on. Make sure the paper works and it's what you want for the room. This sample piece hung on the wall for seriously a good month before I decided to purchase the rolls needed to do this wall. Unlike paint, paper would be a bit more complicated and timely to remove and start over, if I wasn't happy or unsure with the decision.. 

Tip #3
Measure 3 times....just to be sure.  Get it right with your cuts, so that you don't have any waste or have to buy additional rolls to make up for your mistakes. This paper was $60.00 for a standard roll so mistakes were just not in the budget.

Tip #4
Pick a forgiving pattern. Chances are, if you stare long enough to spot my imperfections or seams, you will get dizzy from the pattern before you even spot them. For your first time out of the gate, choose an easier pattern to work with, a repeating pattern, and one that doesn't require such precision when applying to the wall.

Tip #5
Measure your project area before you order. Would you believe I ran out of paper at this point.....because I did not measure the wall before I ordered. Dumb, I know that's what your thinking. It's okay.... I know. Most sources provide a simple to use room calculator to measure the amount of paper you will need based on your room/wall dimensions......use it.

But seriously, if it turns out as pretty as it did in Lily's room and is this easy to apply, I am confident that a few more walls will get the paper treatment ..... sooner than later.

Got any wall paper hanging in your home? If not, what's stopping you?

That once I put the paper up, I loved it !

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  1. The wallpaper looks really pretty! Is wallpaper easier to take down than it used to be??

  2. I'm glad I have a husband who is a perfectionist and very good at hanging paper. Only one room left with it still up and it will be gone soon. Smart getting that pattern so the imperfections don't show.

  3. AnonymousJuly 16, 2014

    I've been wallpapering for years, and I've ALWAYS used the bathtub for wetting the paper! Lots more elbow room, easy cleanup, seems to set up faster....I gotta tell you about the time my husband and my mother decided to paper her hallway. (I was at work)It kept falling down off the walls, and they were both very frustrated. Seems they were spreading wallpaper paste on the back of PREPASTED paper! Yeah, not working. At all. LOL! Good job on the paper in your daughter's room btw.

  4. I am so in love with that paper and so proud that you hung it yourself!! Bravo! And now I must ask - did you paper the entire room or just an accent wall?

    Oh, and I used the bathtub too when I wallpapered in my bathroom! Soooooo much easier!

    :) Linda

  5. I have always wanted to be a rock star...so I need to get some paper and start a project....you "rocked" that wall....gorgeous paper!!!!...

  6. Jennifer OzanichJuly 16, 2014


  7. Samantha Gray, RNJuly 16, 2014

    I had wallpapered a few times and after the last go-round, vowed never to do it again. I will cheerfully contributefrom henceforth to our lagging economy by paying someone else to do it!! Besides, my husband and I have come to the conclusion that wallpapering is the absolutely true test of a marriage. If the word "divorce' is not mentioned within the first 30 minutes of hte exeprience, you've probably got a sound relationship.

  8. Such pretty wallpaper, Laura! I love all the gorgeous prints out there, but every wall in my home is textured, so no pretty paper for me!

  9. Great tips. I used to do a lot of wallpapering, and yes, I used the bathtub, too. xo Laura

  10. That wallpaper is such a cute pattern and lively color. Perfect for your little girls room. I have papered before and used our bathtub too! It was a challenge though. I hired out someone years ago to paper my bathrooms and then later on decided I didn't want it anymore. So, I'm back with painted walls instead.

  11. This is beautiful!! I love the pattern. I've never attempted to hang wallpaper. But, this post has made me want to give it a try.

  12. Looks beautiful! I love that the design and color are "happy". I had a duplex once and I stripped wallpaper from this "great wall" as I named it...vaulted ceilings so very tall. The first layer came off easily...little did I know that the first layer had been put on with concrete! Envision being on a ladder forever, stripping little tiny pieces of paper. Not a pretty sight nor sound...as I did utter expletives. :) I did a paint treatment on that wall but I did wallpaper the master bath. I was so proud of myself! That was all in my younger days so not doing wallpaper again, that's for sure. :)



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