by laura janning

4 Things My Kitchen Can't Live Without

August 27, 2014

I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying my newly painted kitchen. Even the mere sight of it,  almost makes me want to cook..... almost.
One thing that I am sure about though, are 4 things in my kitchen that I absolutely can't live without..... nor can my kitchen. 

The first are these rugs, which are called French Bistro Comfort Mats that I bought at Ballards. I love feeling the softness at my feet when I am cleaning those dishes! 
At first I was little concerned that the black would show a lot of dirt and dust from all the foot traffic, but I was wrong. I can vacuum or sweep them and spray them frequently with a multi-surface cleaner, and they look just as new as when I bought them almost 12 months ago. Besides, now when I look down I know how many tablespoons are in a cup.

During an annual IKEA trip, I spotted this aqua color tray that works so well on my hot tea station ( we are not coffee drinkers in this house) and it was a fun color to infuse in my white kitchen. Trays are so versatile and functional and will work in other spaces in the house. I bought it many months ago so I am not sure if they still carry it but if they do, it was very reasonably priced ( less then the cost of dinner).

I love a good basket, especially one that can work so well to group kitchen gadgets that you want to leave out on the counter. I picked these up at HomeGoods, for dirt cheap, in fact I got 3 of them. I also find that World Market has a great selection of basket trays as well.

The next gadget has really saved my sanity in the kitchen..... well really in the cabinet. My baking sheets and muffin tins are finally getting along. Before I bought this nifty kitchen organizer (on amazon)  for baking sheets and such, things were kinda...well just laid on top of each other. Now they stay upright and organized and are ready for me when I open that door.

I also bought one for the bags, and wraps in the pantry. Total sanity keeper.

Now that my kitchen sanity is under control, maybe I will start to cook. Ha, will see.

Tell me, what are some things that your kitchen can't live without?

PS- there are actually 5 things... my husband the cook!

My kids to have time with their 'mimi'


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  1. We just got two of those gel filled mats and they are great! We had carpet by the sink and stove and they got so dirty and yucky!! The new mats I use a bacteria type cleaner and they are so convenient. I do like your trays -- really nice in a kitchen.

  2. Love that IKEA tray as well -- such a great color. Enjoy your day!
    xo heidi

  3. I love kitchen organization products. It really does make a difference in keeping things in order. I have that same divider for cookie sheets and love it. I also have one for lids that go on pots and pans. I think in my kitchen, my most used organization product is my pot rack. I don't have a ton of storage in my kitchen, so allowing me to just grab a pan hanging from above makes it really easy. I don't use mine for décor (as some people do). I really use it for my cooking pots and pans. I've had it forever and love it.

  4. Love that tray from IKEA! I've wondered about those mats from Ballard's. Glad to know that you love yours.

    Right now, I'm loving my new warming drawer and don't think I'd want to live without one in the next house. It's a luxury for sure, but worth every penny to me!
    Have a great day, Laura!

  5. Can't live without the coffee pot!!

  6. Great pieces and I bought mats from Ballard for the new kitchen too. Love them, they are so cuchiony, made that word up and they do clean up great and if needed good for the washer. Right up my alley. I have items I have to have too, like my pot filled with my wooden tools for cooking.


  7. I want your rug. Then I would be sane in the kitchen.

  8. LOL! I must think the same thing. My kitchen that is 2 years old hasn't been used much because I love it. But it has been used more than my old one ever was. I think you should add cutting board to that list. Have just started using that while chopping fresh veggies.

  9. Wow! That looks amazing! What a great information, thanks for sharing this. Your 4 Things My Kitchen Can't Live Without idea look great!

  10. I'm sure you are loving the painted kitchen! I remember when I painted mine it made me kick myself that I hadn't done it sooner. I would kill to have enough cabinets to use that type of divider for my cookie sheets, etc. I have a plan, but of course I'm procrastinating! The thing that I cannot live without is my pot rack. I haven't a clue where they would go if I didn't have the rack.

  11. I'll just be honest. My favorite thing about any kitchen is the refrigerator. This one isn't as nice as the others I've had over the years. And I'm the ice maker. But I couldn't begin to get by without something to keep drinks cold in this heat. Second on the list would be my cooking station. And next would be my portable washer/dryer in one. And after that would be my butcher block island I found at the antique mall for $45. A steal.

  12. Wish I had a cook!!...oh I do...me!!....I love that kitchen mat...have not seen it before!...Well, I must say that you keep the kitchen so wonderfully organized and that truly helps the cook!!...


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