by laura janning

Back to School .....Teacher Gift

August 6, 2014

Happy Hump day! Well day 4 of the kids back to school and I am just ...... missing them. I didn't think them going back would leave such a void in my heart and in my everyday routine. 
So to fill that void, today I am joining up with some of my Southern blogger pals  to bring you a Back To School Idea....for the teacher.

We have been so incredibly blessed for our children to have such wonderful, kind and loving teachers, and the teachers this year are no exception. I wanted to kick off the school year with a little gift that personally I just love. 

I figure nothing wrong with a little schmoozing so early in the year, right? Besides, as cute as I think my kids are, they can get a bit "active".

I found these summer scented candles at Bath and Body for the cost of lunch. These candles not only smell amazing , they are slow burners and burn clean. I created a label with a sweet message on card stock and attached with floral wire to the candle. The candles were already wrapped with a bow when I bought them.

I put them in a gift bag and sent them to school. A+ for mom.

Speaking of other A+ projects, be sure to visit my Southern Pals for more Back to School inspiration.

Refresh Restyle

Have an amazing day!

 that I haven't missed the alarm this week

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  1. I need to get to B & B stat! My kids are out of school now, but I think I'd like some of those candles for myself!

  2. Such a cute idea! I know the teacher's appreciate the little gifts! Life to the full! Melissa

  3. What a cute idea and a little schmoozing never hurts. In fact I agree with the other person who commented -- I'd better get to B & B in a hurry.

  4. I can almost smell them! Bath and Body, here I come :)

  5. What a great gift idea..everyone loves great candle...I am off to Bath and Body taking the cue from you!..Love it!

  6. Love this Laura! Beautiful scents and the note is perfect! ~Sonya

  7. Oh my gosh! You are such a good mom. I'm feeling inadequate now. That is the cutest thing. You have beautiful handwriting too! I know that empty feeling well. We stay at home moms are so used to having our kids close all day. I hope the rest of the week will get easier for you.

  8. Very cute and sweet ideas...I am a teacher with only 12 mores days of my summer vacation. I usually avoid looking at back to school stories, but loved what I saw...thanks for thinking of us (teachers).

  9. Such a great idea! As a former teacher, I know they will appreciate it! ~Christy

  10. Wow Laura, what a nice Mom you are. Teacher's will be sending home gold stars for you,that was such a nice thing to do. So many people don't realize how hard teachers work and get so little credit for all their efforts. Bravo to a very nice lady and Mom. Happy days


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