by laura janning

Back To School....Student Treat

August 7, 2014

The Pinterest fairy led me to the cutest treat idea for the kids class on the first day. I must admit I find pinterest a bit overwhelming with inspiration so, I  stay back....or I will be sucked in.

So I am totally sure that I violated the 'healthy' snack rule with this treat, but it was just such a cute idea, I couldn't resist.

Since I was providing for the class, I picked up a few boxes of Little Debbie Snacks. I used PicMonkey to create my tag using the school theme. I use PicMonkey for all my labels and photo editing.

After I printed out the message on some card stock, made a hole in the corner, I used some red twine to secure the tag around the cookie. That way, if any of the sentimental mom's wanted to keep their kids first snack tag of the year, they could. Are you that mom?

I loaded up all the cookies in a big basket lined with a fun colored napkins and marched right into that classroom....to see if my 'healthy' snack passed the test........

it did.

What do you remember most about your first days of school?

If your little or big one's that are getting ready to start school , or already have, best of luck for a wonderful school year.

PS- for more back to school ideas click here, here

Grateful for~
a chicken that finally laid an egg...but broke when Lily was running with excitement to show us.

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  1. Cute idea. It so hard to believe that it is back to school time already. xo Laura

  2. Love it....thanks for the great idea!...I will be using that!...and your kiddos are certainly 3 smart cookies!

  3. What a cute idea! I remember my first day of school being disappointed because it was only 1/2 day kindergarten and somehow, no one told me. I wanted to stay.

  4. That's another cute idea. My son just started back to school this morning. But he is in middle school so all the fun stuff like isn't done anymore. I remember elementary school being full of parties and activities like that.

  5. Very cool idea and if it wasn't the healthiest they should give it a break but yours past the test. The poor kids have to go back to school. My first day of school I always had butterflies in my stomach and I went to school with the same kids from pre-k until high school.


  6. Yes I would probably have been Mother that saved the tag. What a wonderful Mom you are to provide a snack for all the kids. That's quite an undertaking to accomplish with all to be done to start school. You are a keeper gal. Bet your kids were so proud of their Mom. What a great and simple idea to make tags to go with cookies and that special saying, Happy days

  7. That is such a cute idea, Laura! You will now be "that Mom" who brings neat treats! I was "that Mom," too way back in the Dark Ages......lol!


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