by laura janning

Create an Outdoor Shower

August 19, 2014

If you were to walk around the house and stand right here next to the beautiful summer blooms in the garden with butterflies fluttering around and bees buzzing about......

And step about two feet to the left just behind the gorgeous purple color of the Crepe Myrtle tree, right about there, you will  see it.......

My saving grace. My outdoor sanity. The outdoor shower.

I can't believe that after all the yapping that I have done over the kids and my hubby dragging in the mud red Georgia clay over the years, that it took us this long to install an outdoor shower. In fact, I have spent more time complaining about that, then it took to put up and more money on a manicure and pedicure last week, then it cost in materials. 

We had most of the supplies needed to construct the shower including the pvc pipes, a shower head that we had in the shop and even some left over stone from this backyard project for the shower floor. 
Basically what we did was tap into our irrigation system from the garden, trench a new pipe over to the new area, run a metal pipe and fittings up the wall, secure with fasteners, attach a shower head to the top and a shut off valve on the bottom. It sounds simplified, but it really was this easy. If you want more details feel free to email me.

I am still working on landscaping around the shower area, but here's the stone floor that I laid.  The flat stones are directly under the shower and the others are part of the walkway leading to the shower.
I am thinking about planting some ground cover in between the stones to soften the area.

And other then the obvious shower head sticking out from the wall, it sits discreetly in the back corner, behind the purple crepe myrtle tree and two feet left of the garden, waiting to clean little muddy paws and piggy toes. 

Now this mama can stop complaining....for now anyways. 
So tell me, how do you handle muddy messes before they come in your house?

time with my niece over the weekend

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  1. I think anyone with kids needs an outdoor shower -- hubbies too. Keeping mud out can be a full time job.Good for you for getting it done.

  2. An outdoor shower is such a great idea.....you always have great ideas and proceed to make it happen...no moss grows under your feet!...Love it!!

  3. This is going to be a great addition to your outdoor area. Fantastic idea!!

  4. Oh I could have used an outdoor shower at the farm! Here in town? Not so much. Glad you have yours!

  5. That is perfect with kiddies and pups! I wish I had an outdoor shower when my kids were growing up!

  6. Can you wash your.... donkey here?

  7. I bet that will be a big help with your situation! I have a small dog, so we just clean his paws at the door or even in the kitchen sink if we have too. I like the stones you set out on the ground.

  8. Love your shower and I have been complaining for years about sand coming in from the beach--I need to do what you did!

  9. Perfect! An outdoor shower is awesome for muddy toes and paws.

  10. Love it Laura what a great solution. I can't imagine dealing with clay. Adding creeping thyme or something is a great idea.


  11. Can certainly understand why an outside shower would be quite helpful. Smart girl. Glad you finally got your wish.
    OH how I wished for a shower for two very dirty little boys when we lived in our house in Tucson in late 60's. They would get so blasted dirty and sweaty, I'd have to hose them off before they came in to save my sanity. Bless their hearts they never complained cause it's so darned hot in Tucson even late at night. They would get so dirty I couldn't tell they had blond hair from being in sun so much. Shouldn't complain guess that meant they were two very healthy boys. Enjoy that shower. Happy week

  12. Does it run hot water? If so, did you already have a hot water valve out there? I have wanted an outdoor shower for years, but thought my kids would complain about a cold shower :)



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