by laura janning

Monday Musings

August 25, 2014

Hi sweet friends! Welcome to another week of randomness at my real life funny farm at Top This Top That.

Our property and pastures get dusted every year, so our grass is nice and green. A bit stinky, but we always love the results and it's totally organic. Any guesses to what is being spread?

To think this was a .50 pack of seeds when I planted them......

and a gorgeous bouquet when I cut them from the garden.

This sweetness just melts my heart....every time. Oh to be young again...and wear a tutu, eating a banana on the tree fort, while your brother is watching out for the critters.

This is our chicken 'Brownie'

Riding bareback on Daisy Mae her BFF

See, I told you....funny farm.

I hope you have an amazing week ahead and you do something fun and unexpected. 

for all the sweet innocent moments in life


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  1. OMG the chicken on the cow- love it!

  2. Yep, you live at one crazy place. I love that photo of the kids. How cute!

  3. What fun! I want to live on a funny farm! Love the chicken riding on the donkeys back.

  4. Looks like a little slice of heaven, Laura. :)

  5. How sweet. These are the moments you remember and to have pictures of the moments are even better.

  6. What a beautiful post! I love the one of your kiddos. They are so cute.

  7. Are they spreading chicken liter?

  8. I have serious sunflower envy! Have a great Monday!
    xo Heidi
    PS -- this is the first post Feedburner has delivered to me since the end of July... just letting you know. I'm having the same problem. :-(

  9. Precious photo of your kids! Love the sunflowers!

  10. Love these pictures and the last one is hilarious! Processed human waste??

  11. Love all the photos!!

    I will guess processed chicken "stuff". I worked at a nursery and this is what was used. Very stinky but it did the trick.:-)

    On the farm...we used cow "leavings" (we raised beef cattle). Organic and works great!

  12. The chicken riding on the donkey is killing me! And your little ones look too sweet in their fort!

    :) Linda

  13. I love the country life!! :)

    Jane xx

  14. Would really like to know what you use that's organic on your lawn.

    Suzanne G.

  15. Looks like a great place to live to me! I love the picture of your kids outside. So cute and who can resist the chicken on top of the donkey? Looks like everyone is getting along well!

  16. There is nothing like country life and farm animals. Your little ones are just adorable, yea I could dig eating a banana in a tree house wearing a tutu and feeling perfectly normal. The chicken on the donkey is a hoot, don't you just love the critters. You can thank them for your beautiful flowers.

  17. I love how much you love your family.

  18. Now that chicken up there is just downright adorable.

  19. All the things we enjoy are beautiful, but nothing compares to those little precious ones that hug and hold for just a little while. Thanks for sharing, always sharing your children.

  20. You are very blessed to appreciate the simple gifts in life! It's nice to know
    How much u love your children

  21. Your place is definitely the greatest place to raise kids . . . and dogs . . . and donkeys . . . and chickens and flora and fauna!!!
    Total bliss...and I know you feel it every day!

  22. What did you spread that was organic? Maybe it will help my ugly grass and plants!
    Love your posts and photos of the "Funny Farm!" Nancy

  23. You have a donkey!? That's awesome. That Brownie is a beauty. Do you only have one chicken?


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