by laura janning

The Good and Bad News

August 22, 2014

Happy Friday. I will start with the good news since it is Friday and all, and that may be enough for some of you.....

One of our chickens finally laid an egg

The bad.....

How does a family of 5 successfully eat one egg? 

Any ideas....I am all ears.

Have a wonderful weekend!

for our chickens...and our 1 egg

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  1. Make that ancientSouthern favorite..a One Egg Cake! My Ma made them all the time. Other than that, duh..don't know.

  2. Definitely something dessert-ish!

  3. OMG you are too funny too early in the morning!:)

  4. It's all about portion control! LOL!

    :) Linda

  5. just wait, you will have more eggs than you can eat....patience

  6. LOL, I have no answer for that one at all. I was a bit nervous after I read the good news and thought something may have happened to the chicken. I think more eggs will come but never having chickens, don't really know. Have a great weekend!!


  7. I like the blue polish. My niece and I had a girls' night and we painted fingernails and toenails that very color:)

  8. Oh, i thought that the bad one was that it had fall and "splash"!....I suggest my recipe i usually make:
    put the egg on a Ziploc and add some milk, cheese, pieces of ham, and breadcrumbs, olives, onion, etc. shake well and put on a large skillet with a little of oil, to make a thin omelet!. Bon apetit!.

  9. How old are your chickens? We have five and we're not sure which ones are doing the laying. Today one of my favorites laid an egg out in back yard. I thought maybe she was laying an egg by way she was all hunkered down on ground/weeds then forgot about til hubs came in to tell me Red had laid an egg but it was one with really mushy shell, we've have few of those now and then. We get light blue/aqua shelled eggs but not sure who's doing that, they're getting bigger. We've gotten enuf eggs lately that we've given some away. They are so good, very bright yellow yolk. The little light tan and white ones are good also, just need more of them than blue ones. One of blue ones we got 3 yolks from couple weeks ago. We get more of the little eggs daily. One day we had 4 eggs, 2 blue and 2 little ones. Our chickens are about 8 months old now. They hadn't given any eggs until shortly after we got the chickens. I've never had chickens either, enjoy watching them. Have one that's meaner than heck, pecks at my favorite and steals treats or bugs from other chickens, she'll chase them to get what she wants.
    Believe it or not our cat leaves chickens alone, he'll lay and watch them but we don't leave him alone with them. Our dog loves them, he has his favorite. Happy weekend Are you giving your chickens the oyster shell stuff? That helps their shells to be strong.

  10. Make a cake!...have a great weekend ... I am sure the kids were excited to see "the first egg."

  11. Well, maybe you should put it in the fridge and wait till there's five!

  12. Make a batch of cookies with it!

  13. Unlike the orange tree that never did produce more than one orange, the chickens will pull together for you. However we did successfully share an orange the size of a golf ball between 5 people, so I think there is a chance for the egg.


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