by laura janning

Finding Beauty in The Most Strangest Places

September 3, 2014

A few weeks ago I was out in the garden and happen to look over at the tractor, which we affectionately call Bubba. I noticed something inside the engine compartment and quickly called my husband as I thought perhaps it was a snake, and I am a bit to wimpy for those things.

As I got closer with my fiercely protective husband by my side, we noticed the beautiful sight of, not a mound of pine straw but that of a....... nest.

Knowing that it had not been there very long, since Bubba doesn't rest very often around the property, we careful moved it to my garden, trying my best not to disturb what this mama had so careful and thoughtful put together to shield and protect her soon to be babies....and pretty I might add, with her moss addition.

And so, I left the nest unattended with no interruptions and we left for vacation for a few days. 

Unfortunately when I got home, mama and her babies were gone. Seems they had moved out ......

and found another tractor down the road....... named Bobby.

Tell me, what have you found in a strange place outdoors lately?

PS. are you silly like us with pet names for things around your house too?

for nature....birds and the bees

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  1. What a sweet nest. I haven't found anything strange around my house lately, but maybe that is a good thing. xo Laura

  2. Oh...hope they left...we had problems with black birds eating the eggs of our our nests this Spring....what a beautiful nest....Bubba could have been a daddy!...

  3. We had mamma bird build a nest in a lantern. Unfortunately some critter got to it and destroyed it. I usually find nests in our artificial wreaths and flower arrangements. I like the idea of naming things -- the little ones appreciate it too.

  4. You don't want to know what we've found around here -- and what we've called them! :) Linda

  5. What a lovely surprise, Laura! Birds would nest in my Dad's tractor too. We have had them nest on the engine of our motor home. We cancelled a trip until they fledged! I love seeing all the nests- it's so interesting to see the materials they used to make their nests!

  6. What a beautiful thing to come upon. Momma must have felt she found a safe place in Bubba.


  7. My car is affectionately named Zippy. My grandchildren named it. We also call the pool cleaner that roams around the pool NuNu. My granddaughter was afraid of it when she was little so we named it after the vacuum cleaner on Teletubbies which she loved. She's 16 now and we still call it NuNu! Ha!

  8. What a pretty nest Laura! Love how they used the moss. We have birds, we call them killdeers? and they nest right out in the middle of the yard. We have to put flags so the lawn mower doesn't hit them. The Mama's squawk and carry on like they have a broken wing to get your attention away from her babies... such good mamas except for laying eggs in the middle of nowhere.
    And we have a Mockingbird that tortures our cat. Now, that is funny! Cause the cat thinks she's a queen till the bird shows up and puts her back in her place :) Happy Hump Day!

  9. I have not found anything unusual in the way of nests, etc. so far this year. However, I have not begun the fall cleanup outside. I have a PT Cruiser named Josephine. Does that count? Oh! I have two ceramic bears on the bookshelves named Obediah and Abercrombie.

  10. Awww........That's such a pretty nest with little eggs. I love seeing stuff like that. We've had the good fortune of having nests with eggs around our house too. We used to get them a lot when I had ferns on the front porch.

  11. The nest is so sweet. They may have moved on, but they left you a sweet reminder.

  12. How pretty and good for you for noticing! Mostly I'm finding my dog in the mud trenches that we keep trying to dig for our french drains. He thinks it's his personal mud spa. I think I'll be glad when it stops raining.

  13. So sweet. What a beautiful find. :)


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