by laura janning

Snow Jam 2014....it finally happened!

January 31, 2014

Well, the snow FINALLY came to North Georgia this week. The highly anticipated snowball fights, building a snowman and trying to decide what to use for a mouth and catching snowflakes on the tongue....... really happened.
And sadly, the kids really lasted only about 5 mins playing in it. 
After all that hype, talk and decision making, 5 mins was all they could stand.

Luckily, the kids, dogs and donkeys did give me enough time to get the camera out, and take a few pictures so we can all remember..... Snow Jam 2014.

Who knows, maybe next year we will make it to 10 minutes. 
How long can you last out in the snow?

Stay warm!

Beautiful snow day with the kids

PS- I hope you will come back tomorrow when I share a special post on love....ahhhh. 
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Heart Burlap Wreath Ideas and ......A Snow Storm

January 30, 2014

I knew the storm was coming, days before it got here.....to bad Atlanta didn't.
My kids were about to get their wish.....a snowman and a snowball fight. 
Burlap.... Specifically with red polka dots......no check

So it seems as the city came to a gridlock yesterday, any chance of me running back to get some extra burlap (in either color) wasn't going to happen. Rather then waste a break between the kids thawing out their little toys and fingers from snow ball fights, I made two..... Two perfectly mismatched burlap heart wreaths.

Truth be told, I actually thought they may look good paired up on my front doors, mismatched and all. But after looking at the pictures, I realized that anyone who came to my door, would know that there was a gridlock of burlap going on, in red polka dots or in solid red....and say something. 

So to avoid that conversation about running out of burlap in the middle of a snow storm and the embarrassment of having two perfectly mismatched wreaths on my front doors, I will find a home for the red polka dots and......

the solid red one.
In the meantime, if you do come to my door.....I am not here. I am at the store buying some more burlap.

Have you had any project gridlocks lately?
For the tutorial on how to make the wreaths, click here and here.

And if burlap's not your thing and boxwood is, check out my heart boxwood wreath here.

That all the stranded school children in Atlanta made it home safely to their families


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Easy Boxwood Heart Wreath

January 28, 2014

I must admit, I am in love..... with my husband, children, family, friends, life, donkeys, dogs, teachers, you and a boxwood wreath!

Typically Valentines Day is not some blown out hyped-up holiday in our house. We try to celebrate and teach our children that love, affection and happy hearts should happen everyday.
But in the spirit of creating something special that I could admire and look at all month, I created this heart boxwood wreath. 

You may remember, I made this wreath last month ( which still hangs in my bedroom) and every since then, couldn't help venturing out to the backyard and picking up a handful of boxwood clippings for another one. 

Other supplies you will need:
Wire heart shaped wreath form  (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
Floral Wire

At the risk of sounding redundant, you can follow my full tutorial for making a boxwood wreath here.

I found that keeping the boxwood wreaths in a colder environment and misting it with water every so often, helps it from not drying out so quickly. If anyone knows the secret to preserving boxwood please let me know.

I hope you will enjoy a surplus of love, affection and happy heart today and everyday!

If you like burlap, you may like one of my heart burlap wreaths here.

Grateful for~

A little mom time out on Saturday with this blogger

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Project Craft Room 2014- Part 1...The Vision

January 22, 2014

As soon as those 2013 projects got completed a couple of weeks ago here, my husband and I couldn't wait to work on the first project of the year, which was long overdue.....My craft room/ His Office. 
This space is above our garage and when we were building our home it wasn't being used for any of those purposes, so it was one big room...until we were ready to use it.
Years later after the kids arrived, I wanted a craft room and my husband wanted to move his office to a quieter part of our home. That's when we decided to use the space and split it. His half and my half.

Note: these are not the most pin worthy photos that I have ever shown you, and hence will not be including a pin button, but shamefully it was the reality of what the space became and looked like.

The space is a bit messier (well kinda) in this photo which shows my side, the craft area.
His side, the office (at the other end) is always neat.

except when I pile all my stuff on his side! This is the start of the renovation, so I had to pile the stuff somewhere.

So what are my grand plans for the space (s)-

Husbands office~

Since we are limited with wall space, we will be putting a divider wall between craft room and office. We will also be putting up another wall as you come up the stairs.

I will be taking my existing craft table, which I have had for 15 years and turning it into my husbands desk, after I paint it. He is not a big fan of polka dots...that are green.

I will be modifying a file cabinet and hutch that we have had for many years, into a credenza.

The office will be painted using Mindful Grey and white.

I will make some new curtain panels and pillows for the couch.

Reupholster current office chair using a brighter fabric.

Craft Room~

Since organization and storage are priorities, I will be installing shelves along both walls in the room.

Walls and ceiling will be painted- not sure on color. Probably neutral with pops of color in my accessories. Using this as my inspiration for the colors.

Add task lighting and electrical outlets in the new walls.

I will swap out my husbands current desk ( which use to be our kitchen table) and paint it  for my new craft table.

Install a wall going up the stairs that lead into this space.

We are hopeful that I am crafting and he is working in our new spaces in a couple of weeks. 
To see the during click here.

What about you, start any big projects with big green polka dots in the New Year yet?

Grateful for~
A wonderful and hard working husband

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4 Easy Valentine Projects

January 20, 2014

Love shouldn't be complicated or hard...either should the crafts. I have pulled together 4 of my favorite Valentine projects that I have done, that are so easy.....and made from the heart. 

Valentine Burlap Wreath

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Calling in the Big Guns...aka Professional Painters

January 16, 2014

I must admit, I was beginning to hardly notice my half painted walls. It started to feel like it was the intended design...... it was meant to be.  I mean, it's only been a year since I picked up the paint brush and painted my first stroke, promising to get it down in a few days... then weeks...  then next month.
But as soon as the clock started ticking into the New Year, I realized that something had to be done. Looking at those unfinished paint projects was starting to stress me out.

Up to this point, I have tackled most paint jobs in this house and I enjoy painting, immensely. Really, I do. Sometimes, I actually I think I am in the wrong profession. So, it pains me to have to hire someone to paint the interior of my home. But I did..... I had to.
Looking at those unfinished walls was becoming painful.  Half painted walls are no longer in style. Besides, the painters have way higher ladders and seem to maneuver a whole lot better then I could 20-25 feet in the air.

Here's some of the paint projects that I can officially cross off the "To Do List".

I started this project in Jan,2013 the same time I started this project. Well, almost 365 days later, I can stand here and tell you that the master bathroom is finally 1 color. Congratulations to me!
The reason that it took so long, besides having a large vaulted ceiling, was that I was not decisive with my color. The original color was Palladium blue by BM. When I painted my master bedroom here, I also decided that I wanted to repaint the bathroom as well. My first choice, Dover White by SW, turned out to be a bit too creamy for the space. Next I tried Rhinestone, which is the same color as the bedroom, but in the end I used Pure White by SW. 
I am happy.... next 

This area had been sporting a lighter color for a few months now, so it was just a matter of getting the big ladder and getting to the peak areas. I painted it grey ( same color as the master bedroom) back in the summer time but the color looked so different in this space, so I settled on Pure White (you can see the grey in the corner underneath the white). Since the ceiling was a creamy color, I decided to have that painted as well. This needed to be done by the professionals as there was no way (without a lot of time and scaffolding) that I was going to be able to paint this myself.
I am happy.....next 

When you walk into my front door and look up, you see this spectacular waste of space with a beautiful chandelier. Problem was, that it was a different color from the rest of the area and attached wall. The light now needs a color change like this light  here .....but at least the walls are the same color.  This was not an area I was comfortable painting, so the painters did this as well. I only wish I would have had them take the light down when they were up there! "Oh Honey........."

I am happy....What's next?
Got any unfinished home projects that are causing you stress?

Grateful for~
to feel a sense of accomplishment....for now anyways

PS- don't forget to stop by this Cozy Home idea party that I am joining. Schedule is here.

DIY Showoff

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Creating A Cozy Home Tour- Winter Mantel Idea

January 13, 2014

I think Mother Nature or Jack Frost are teasing us this year.... and big time. 
Don't you?

I mean, near 0 degree temps last week ......and still NO SNOW!
But she...or he,  did manage to help facilitate a broken water pipe and leave us without water on the coldest morning of the year!

And so the Winter Mantel remains yet a constant reminder of what my kids want to see so much this winter....snow.

Until then, they will have to settle for some faux snowball like balls that I picked up at Pier One last year and used here. And my dollar store snowflakes that are strung with fresh evergreen, from the Norfolk pines that I used in the house for Christmas. 

A few grapevine balls scattered around and the "Let It Snow" sign that I picked up on clearance and also used here.

So, I will keep the sign up through the Winter months,  along with a little wishful thinking that maybe one morning my children will wake up to lots of fluffy white stuff outside.......and no broken water pipes! 

If not, the Winter mantel this year will have to do. 

Enjoy the winter season!

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