by laura janning

Project Kitchen Cabinets Update

February 26, 2014

Well, the cloud of latex paint that surrounds the kitchen area has cleared up,so I can find my way to my office and sit down to share an update on the progress of the kitchen cabinets.

What a job...no joke. This is the most labor intensive project that I have ever done....not including when we painted the exterior of our home, which was equally involving.


And, as involved as this project is and as dirty as the house got....no regrets at this point.
And, after this weekend when I saw the base cabinets finished, I feel like we are on the home stretch, but the truth is we probably have another couple of days to complete the sanding, priming and spraying of all of the cabinet doors.


Because my husband and I have been using the weekends to complete this project, that puts us into March sometime. And if I time it just right, maybe around St.Patrick's day where I can celebrate with a big pint of green beer when we are done. 
Which would be totally awesome, except......


I don't drink green beer.
But at least the cabinets will be finished.

More to come on this project. Who knows, I may just inspire you to paint your cabinets and drink green beer too....or just drink the beer!
Don't miss my 5 prepping tips here before you paint.


Grateful for~

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Spoiler Alert.......Project Update to Craft Room and Office

February 25, 2014

I am not sure how two major projects here and here intersected in my life....but they did. I was doing so good for about 9 days and 13 hours into the new year, confident that I would only work on one project at a time. Confident that I would not start something new, until I finished something old. 

I am beginning to think that I belong in a circus...... as a clown....with pink hair and red nose....  juggling.

So sure of myself, I paid some professional painters here to come finish up last years projects before I started any of this years projects. Having to pay someone to do something that I was capable of doing, was like teaching me a lesson.....only I don't think it did.

Not completely finished yet with just a couple of updates left, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the projects tunnel.
If you don't want a spoiler and want to wait for the full reveal.......close your eyes and take a nap and come back later.

Craft Room update

waiting on some fun art work and putting hardware on the cabinets but the bulk of this project is done. I have assembled, labeled and painted. Now I can safely go the craft room and not only craft but be able to find things to craft with! Ahhh..... a feeling that I have not experienced in quite some time.
Office Update

Good news!  Hubby no longer has to risk his life and trip over my silhouette machine to get into his office. Other than finishing up a credenza and adding a few pillows, he will be ready to rock and roll.....and work.

I will be back later this week with some updates to the Kitchen cabinet project. It is looking so pretty, I can hardly stand it!

Are you a clown like me and working on multiple projects right now.... with or without a red nose and pink hair?

Have an amazing week!

Grateful for~
A husband that totally gets sucked into my projects...with a smile!

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How To Recover from Cabin Fever during a Snow Storm

February 17, 2014

I am so glad that cabin fever set in last week ( believe it or not) during our winter storm, and that I decided to take a walk around the property. A walk that not only rejuvenated my mind, but my soul as well. Changing the way I would look at things.... through my lens.

A walk that would remind me of how beautiful a tree is ....even with no color.

Or.... how abundant and full trees can look without their leaves.

And, that my bicycle I never moved before winter, still looks pretty sitting on a bed of snow....so why bother moving it now.

Or..... how a grey sky, really doesn't make me feel blue at all.

Or..... how I never saw that the bank of the lake looks like a sand dune on a beach.

How this trail on the property, could lead to something really exciting...kinda like the adventure of life. 

And, that it's okay for my kids to leave their tractors in the middle of the pond....and freeze over. It could make for interesting conversation.

This image, reminds me of how blessed I am that my husband is a hard worker, sitting at his desk during the week or..... chopping wood to keep us warm on the weekends.

And...... how a dog, really is a gal's best friend.

When's the last time you tried to see something differently..... with or without your lens on?

I am busy working on these projects here and here. I will be back at the end of the week with some updates and hopefully a reveal. 

Have an amazing week.

Grateful for~
No power outages and safety during out winter storm event.

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Biggest Project of the Year....Prepping to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

February 12, 2014

I gotta tell ya, this project has me sweating. As long as I have waited to do this, I feel a lot of anxiety.  
Inside my head I am hearing "I can not screw this up, or  I am in trouble".
"If I screw this up I will have a lot of re-sanding to do".
"Oh man, please don't let it look like crap.... me and the cabinets".
This is without a doubt one of the most intense painting projects that I have done in our house.

But I after all the painting jobs that I have done, I realize that Prepping is the key to a beautiful outcome... and this job is no different.

I have decided on two colors for the cabinets. Pure White (SW) on the wall cabinets and Nimbus Grey on the island, breakfast room cabinets and the mantels. Below is a peek at what I have finished so far on the breakfast room cabinets. After a month of looking at the color, I decided it's a go.

I did get some new lighting in the kitchen. I have been thinking about these lights ever since I saw them in my pals kitchen here.  So, I pooled together my manicure and pedicure money for the month, and bought two lights from Joss & Main. I believe Lamps Plus may carry them as well.  They were very affordable.

Last month when the professional painters were here finishing up some ceilings, I inquired on the cost to paint the cabinets. Let's just say in lieu of not having to sell my first born to pay for the job....I am doing it myself.

Here's 5 tips that I am doing to prep and make sure the job gets done right...just like a professional and without the cost.

1. Removing all the hardware prior to painting. You will save more time not having to negotiate around your hardware while you are painting or having to remove paint off of the hardware when you are finished, if you take the time to remove all the hinges, knobs and pulls prior to starting the job.

2. Prep your floors. Apply paper and tape off every inch of your floor to avoid spills or over spray. Takes a bit of time, but not as long as it will to remove the paint off of your floors when you are done painting.

3. Prepare your painting surface. I am using an orbital sander on most of the cabinets. My cabinets are stained with a clear protective coat on them so I will use 150 grit first, and then 220 grit to finish. FYI- the higher the number, the finer the finish. For the cracks and crevices, I will use a sanding block. 

4. Prime and paint. I have decided to use a paint sprayer to apply my primer and paint, so that I can have one consistent finish on everything including the inside of the cabinets. I will share more about those steps as I get to them. 

5. Be prepared for kitchen chaos. Expect it with this type of project. Keep things you use daily, close by and easy to get at during the chaos. It will keep the frustration levels manageable.
Most importantly, take your time...although with stuff stacked up on the tables and floors, let's just say that I am extremely motivated to get it done!

What kind of chaos do you have going on right now?

PS- Click here for an update to the kitchen

Grateful for~

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January at a Glance

February 10, 2014

Yes, I said glance.....and for good reason.
Doesn't it seem like the 31 days in the month passed us by just long enough for a quick glance? It almost felt like what I tell people when they are trying to find my small town " Don't blink or you will miss it".

And it seems that even a bit of snow here, couldn't slow the month down long enough, although I am sure the families that have kids home for weeks now ( due to much more snow then the couple of inches we had), are saying the month couldn't go by any faster.

Here's a recap....or glance, of the happenings at Top This Top That during the month of January.

Chandelier Makeover.....with my photo blunder as a bonus.

I made a couple of wreaths for Valentines Day. Like this easy boxwood heart wreath here

and some heart burlap wreaths here.

Showed you how SnowJam 2014 shut Atlanta down for days.... But it sure was pretty. We have another snow and ice event in the forecast for this week. SnowJam Part 2!

and, I finally surrendered to half painted walls and unfinished projects from 365 days ago. You can read more here.

I have two major projects underway this month. I am putting the finishing touches on the craft room here and have begun painting cabinets in the kitchen. I will share more about that later this week.

So whether you still think it's January or feel like me....I hope you had a great month and that February is off to an amazing start.

Grateful ~
To be able to volunteer in my community and giveback.

PS- are you caught up in watching the Olympics? How amazing for those athletes to compete and represent the USA after all that training and hard work. Bring home the gold - USA!

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Craft Room ....During

February 5, 2014

We are moving right along with updates to the craft room. The bulk  of the updates ( hubby stuff) are done and now I am just working on the finishing touches.

Remember the before I shamefully showed you a couple of weeks ago here ....yikes!

Seriously out of control. Here's some of the updates that will ultimately bring the chaos to a manageable level.

We built a wall between my craft room and hubby's office. Since these really serve as room dividers there was no need to insulate the walls. We installed peg board and wainscot on the craft room walls. In the office we installed outdoor siding.... it looks amazing.

We also built a wall coming up the stairs leading into the craft room. Before, I had no walls in the craft room, so coming up with organization solutions were limited. This fixes that and also gives me additional electrical outlets and task lighting.

The entry coming into the space from our garage.

The walls got painted white and the beadboard got a coat of Mindful Grey ( SW) . I had some left over siding, so I applied that to the top wall as you come into the entry. 

My old kitchen table..... turned husbands work desk..... soon to be my craft table, got some new primer and paint over the weekend. With beautiful weather and temps in the 60's, I was able to do this outside.

And since the new rug that I received from Mohawk is driving the 11th hour color palate change in the craft room...... spolier alert, some old counter stools got a dose of berry pink too. In case you love the rug as much as I do, you can check it out here

Oh no. I will be on my berry little way now. I have a lot of explaining to do to Lily, since this rug was originally planned to go into her bedroom.
What's the last 11th hour decorating change you made in your home?

PS - for updates to the room, click here

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