by laura janning

Ideas & Additional Instructions for Original Burlap Wreath

Thank you for your interest in my easy burlap wreath. 

In addition to the tutorial that can be found here  , I have provided more details based on commonly asked questions that I have received to help you make this beautiful burlap creation.

To begin your wreath, secure your end by taking one end of the burlap and wrap around the wire rim, pulling tightly to secure.  OR without pulling so tightly leave end in place ( this is the method I use)
Using the other end (in one continuous piece or cut it in equal pieces) ,weave the burlap in and out through the wire rim, going back and forth and in and out.  You will do this for the entire wreath form.
Make sure your loops are approximately the same size as you work your way around the wreath.
 For a fuller wreath, use more burlap.  This project  took  ~1.5 rolls of burlap on a 10 foot roll to complete.

Things to remember-
Make sure your loops are the same size around your form or your wreath will not look even.
Use burlap garland with a slight  edge. Ribbon with no edge will not work as well. This is a picture of the garland that I use
Use the wreath in covered outdoor spaces or indoors only. Occasionally you can spray with fabreeze to eliminate any odors from the natural fibers.
Burlap garland can be spray painted. Giving you more options for your wreath. To see an example and the details click here.

Different looks/seasons for your burlap wreath
Everyday wreath
Fall Wreath here 

Fall Pumpkin Wreath  here

 Black Spider Wreath here

Halloween Idea here

Creepy Birds Wreath here

 Summer Wreath here 
Easter and Spring Wreath  here 

Valentine Wreath here and here

Burlap Trees here

Christmas Wreath Ideas

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing you talent. I love it and plan on making 2 to give to my daughters for their homes this Christmas.

  2. Very nice. I really like that it can be changed for the seasons. Great job! I will enjoy coming up with designs of my own.

  3. Very Cute, thanks for posting!

  4. very nice,thank you. you should do video how you do it :)

  5. Definitely going to try this! Thanks for sharing. Your photos are beautiful.

  6. I absolutely love this idea. Thank you for sharing i plan on making one this week.

  7. Such a cute idea... would love to see a video as well!!! Thanks

  8. What a pretty wreath and great idea on what to do with burlap. I am definately going to make one for the front door with a Christmas theme. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I love this too. I bought some burlap from walmart and it is shedding like crazy even after I washed and dried it, which did help a little.
    Is burlap alway so messy or did I get some junky stuff? Thanks

  10. I LOVE this wreath and successfully made one that is *almost* as lovely as yours. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I wanted to put this out there, though: This wreath stinks. Literally. The panacea burlap garland emits an odor that is apparently released by heat. We discovered this on a sunny afternoon. It took us a little while to pinpoint the source of the smell, but it was definitely the wreath. I'm hoping that as it airs out, this will go away. We have it hanging on our front door- between our glass door and wooden door and the smell filters through into the house. Just a word of caution to those folks making the wreath, or those wondering what that weird smell in their home might be. :)

  11. I love your wreaths. Truly inspires me! Thank you and happy holidays!

  12. I just made one in about an hour Love it! I have a question, though--how do you temporarily attach the difference embellishents so they stay secure but can be removed next season?
    Thank you!

  13. I love this!! Can't wait to make it. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I LOVE IT!! i'm on #3.. making them as gifts. Thank U sooo much.

  15. how do you secure the very last loop, glue gun?

  16. are you weaving through every wire piece or weaving over don't show an actual picture of the first few weaves as you did them, only after they were done.

  17. I saw on another site that burlap does not like the sun, do you agree?

  18. Thank you for sharing! I found you from Rooms For Rent. I think her suggestion of using Febreeze is a good one judging by the comments about the smell :) The wreaths are just beautiful; I really like the birds' nest on the one, and I have some nests with eggs in them-so many ideas, not enough doors or wall space! Good idea about leaving room to change out the decorations on the wreaths..

  19. I LOVE burlap..and I know it has an odor..I used burlap in place of screen on my back door...last BURLAP is a BIG thing...I also made a pair of curtains for a small area below my counters that had an glued them...

  20. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing!

  21. Hello,
    Do you use ant thing to secure the loops, it looks like it might come undone from the back?
    Thank you for sharing your craft.

  22. I actually love it plain. Thanks for the tutorial. I love it on your door.

  23. I have read and reread this and I'm still confused. To start do you tie the burlap onto the wire form? Wrap around(what does that mean)? Do you tie a knot?
    Then after securing the burlap ... do you pull loops through from the back to the front ... or take the other cut end and weave in and out? It's hard to see in the pix. How do they stay in place? How do they not fall out? I guess it's hard for me to visualize. I have made these in the past wiring each loop to the wire form ... but do not quite understand exactly what you are doing here. Looks good and I would love to try it.

  24. Sorry, me again. How do the loops stay in place and not pull out in the back?


  25. I have the same question as above. How did you keep the loops from not pulling out the back and how did you temporarily attach the embellishments?

  26. Awesome ideas for Christmas wreaths - I have some exceed burlaps from previous holiday season. I think I could tweak them into wreaths.

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  31. How did you attach the letter to the burlap wreath?

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